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These iPhone 7s Are Sold Out: What to Do Now

It appears that for every angry tweet over Apple killing off the headphone jack in the iPhone 7, there was probably another shopper shrugging their shoulders and readying their credit card. According to a press release, all versions of the iPhone 7 Plus as well as the Jet Black iPhone 7 (which only come in 128GB and 256GB sizes) sold out during pre-orders, which began on Sept. 9.

Apple stated it wouldn't reveal first-weekend sales numbers for the iPhone 7, a deviation from its standard practices, but the company decided to confirm its good news. In a press release reprinted by TechCrunch, Apple announced that "During the online pre-order period, initial quantities of iPhone 7 Plus in all finishes and iPhone 7 in jet black sold out and will not be available for walk-in customers."

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If you're still looking for one of those models, Apple notes that "Availability at partner locations for all finishes may vary and we recommend checking directly with them," so you may want to check your local retailers including carrier stores.

So what's left? According to Apple, limited quantities of black, gold, rose gold and silver iPhone 7 handsets should be available for customers who didn't pre-order at Apple retail stores tomorrow (Sept. 16).

While we don't know how many pre-order sales it took for the iPhone 7 Plus and all Jet Black handsets to sell out, this news suggests that Apple's "courage" to remove the headphone jack in the face of an expected backlash may have been well-placed.