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Galaxy S9 Won't Have a Face ID Rival (Report)

With their respective update schedules, it can sometimes seem like Apple and Samsung are playing a high-stakes game of "Can You Top That?" with smartphone features. When it comes to Apple's Face ID feature, the answers appears to be no — at least for the moment.

The Galaxy S8 has face recognition, but it's nothing like Face ID on the iPhone. (Credit: Tom's Guide)

(Image credit: The Galaxy S8 has face recognition, but it's nothing like Face ID on the iPhone. (Credit: Tom's Guide))

A report on the upcoming Galaxy S9 in Business Korea suggests that next year's phone will retain the facial recognition features Samsung includes in the Galaxy S8. But that's 2D scanning and not the 3D facial scans Apple's Face ID uses on the new iPhone X.

The report says Samsung plans to add 3D facial recognition to future phones, including devices slated to come out in 2018. But it sounds like the Galaxy S9 won't be one of those phones. The newspaper cites "technological limitations" as the reason for the delay.

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That should mean Apple's edge with Face ID should continue well into 2018 given when the two smartphone makers generally roll out their new models. Samsung is usually first out of the gate in a calendar year with the latest version of the Galaxy S series — reports have the S9 arriving in February or March — with a Galaxy Note update arriving by late summer/early fall. That gives Samsung a chance to introduce iPhone-topping features before Apple gets a chance to introduce its new models later in the year.

The Business Korea report has Samsung coming out with two versions of the S9 — a 5.8-inch phone and a 6.2-inch Plus model. That would match the size of Samsung's current Galaxy S lineup. Other features promised in the report include dual rear camera, featuring a 3-stack layer image sensor similar to what Sony offers in phones like the Xperia XZ Premium that can capture 960 frames per second.

Because of that high-speed image sensor, expect the S9 to cost more than the $750 price tag the Galaxy S8 commanded when it debuted last spring.

Samsung allegedly scrapping plans for 3D face scanning follows an earlier rumor that the S9 wouldn't feature a fingerprint sensor underneath its front display. That capability would have also given the S9 a leg up on Apple's current smartphone lineup.