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Get a Top HDTV Antenna for $40 in Last-Minute Prime Day Deal

(Image credit: Mohu)

Cord cutters will need an HDTV antenna, at least if they want to pick up over-the-air channels. The Mohu Curve 50 is a great choice for doing just that, and that's before Amazon offered an impressive discount as part of its Prime Day sales event.

Mohu Curve 50: Was $62.77 now $40.83 @ Amazon
This HDTV antenna is one of the top-performing models we've tested. Cord cutters can save up to 37% at Amazon.View Deal

You can get the Mohu Curve 50 for $40.83 at Amazon. That's a 37% discount from the usual $62.77 price. It's also the best sales price we've seen on the Mohu Curve 50, topping even a 35% discount Amazon trotted out for Black Friday last year.

The Mohu Curve 50 pulls in channels for 50 miles, with the ability to boost signal strength for an improved picture. It was one of the best performers in our testing, pulling in 65 channels with 58 of those coming in clearly. The Mohu Curve 50 also offers an arced design and built-in stand that's more visually appealing than rival antennas.