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Best washer and dryer sales in August 2021

Washer and dryer sales
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The best washer and dryer sales can save you hundreds of dollars. Whether you're shopping for the best washing machines or simply in need of one of the best clothes dryers, we're rounding up the best washer and dryer sales you can get right now. 

Traditionally, the best deals can be found during the holidays. But we're still weeks out from the next major holiday, so if you need a new unit now, we've found the best deals. Below you'll find the best washer and dryer sales on standalone units as well as all-in-one appliances. 

Today's best washer and dryer sales 

GE Top Load Washer: was $713 now $584 @ Wayfair
This top load washer features a heavy duty agitator that thoroughly cleans all of your clothes. It also houses a durable stainless steel basked that won't rust, chip, or snag your clothes. The washer offers 4.2 cu. ft. of space. View Deal

Whirlpool Vented Dryer: was $699 now $629 @ Home Depot
This vented dryer has a built-in AutoDry system, which prevent over drying of clothes. Meanwhile, a wrinkle shield option keeps your clothes wrinkle-free with intermittent tumbling after the dryer cycle ends. It offers 7 cu. ft. of space. View Deal

Samsung HE Top Load Washer: was $989 now $649 @ Best Buy
The Samsung HE Top Load Washer offers 5.2 cu. ft. capacity with a built-in sink that lets you pretreat and presoak your clothes. It features 13 preset wash cycles and an 800 rpm maximum spin speed, which can extract more water and reduce drying times. View Deal

GE Washer and Dryer: was $1,405 now $1,150 @ Wayfair
This GE washer and dryer features a deep clean cycle for your toughest laundry loads. The washer can also choose just the right amount of water based on load size. The washer offers 4.2 cu. ft. of space, whereas the dryer offers 6.2 cu. ft. of space. View Deal

GE Washer Dryer: was $1,449 now $1,304 @ Home Depot
This washer dryer combo unit features 11 different wash cycles to handle different fabrics. It also has an auto load sensor, which automatically adjusts the water based on the load size. The all-in-one unit offers 4.4 cu. ft. capacity in the dryer and 2.3 cu. ft. capacity in the washer. View Deal

LG HE Top-Load Washer Dryer: was $1,699 now $1,399 @ Best Buy
This LG top-load washer features the company's 6Motion Technology, which simulates the agitator effect of traditional top load washers, without the wear and tear on your clothes. It offers 4.5 cu. ft. of space, whereas the dryer features 7.3 cu. ft. of space. The bundle is now $300 off. View Deal

Tips for picking the right washer and dryer

Top-load: Clothes in a top-loading machines are loaded through a door in the the top. Some use agitators; a pillar in the center which rotates, while others feature a rotating plate on the base. The latter is a better design as it's less likely to damage the clothes. 

Front-load: Clothes in front-loading machines are loaded via a door in the front; they wash by rotating the drum to agitate the clothes. Typically, this design uses less water and electricity than top-loaders as the drum requires less water. The door will lock during the wash cycle though, so you can't add a rogue sock once the cycle begins.

Combination: If you struggle for space, then a combination washer/dryer might be best. These appliances function as both washers and dryers, meaning you can wash and dry clothes in the same drum. While the design makes sense, we've found that these hybrid machines generally struggle in performance; they take much longer than a standalone dryer.

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