Nuna MIXX Next review

An excellent, affordable, all-terrain stroller

a photo of the Nuna Mixx Next stroller
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Tom's Guide Verdict

This is a well-priced, well-designed stroller, that’ll easily take you from the busy city streets to off-road walks around the park. It doesn’t handle all terrains as easily as some of the other strollers on test, but we found the fold one of the best out there, and the price tag is impressive.


  • +

    Easy fold mechanism

  • +

    One of the easiest strollers on the market to build

  • +

    Self-stand feature when folded

  • +

    Good adjustable handlebar for taller parents

  • +

    Allows for one-handed steering


  • -

    Bassinet not included

  • -

    One of the heavier strollers on test

  • -

    Toddler seat not as generous as others on test

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The Nuna Mixx Next is the brand’s updated all-terrain stroller, designed to handle the curbs and narrow sidewalks of the city, as well as longer walks around the park on the weekend. It’s got some stand-out features that make it a great choice for new parents, or anyone shopping for a single stroller — the secure snap that keeps the stroller folded together is genius, and makes leaving the stroller folded in the boot or hallway easier. 


Stroller weight: 26 pounds (chassis and seat)
Max weight: From birth until approximately age 4 (48 lbs)
Handlebar height: 41- 44 inches
Underseat basket capacity: n/a

But how does it compare to some of the other best strollers on the market, and who should choose this stroller over the likes of the Bugaboo Fox 5 or the iCandy Peach 7? To find out more, we put the Nuna Mixx Next through several different tests to look at the build quality and maneuverability on different terrains. I wanted to see how easy it was to get the stroller in and out of my car boot, on and off the bus, and around a muddy dog walk. Read my full Nuna Mixx Next review below to find out more.

Nuna MIXX Next review: Price and availability

The Nuna Mixx Next is one of the most affordable all-terrain strollers in our test. You can buy the chassis and seat for $800/£660, which makes it a lot more affordable than some of the other options on the market. If you have a younger baby, you’ll need to also purchase the Nuna carrycot for an additional $200/£200. 

The Nuna Mixx Next stroller comes in several different colorways to suit every parent’s style — all of the color varieties have the same luxury vegan leather-look brown handle and child armbar. At the time of writing, the pushchair comes in six different colors. During testing, I used the Caviar, or black stroller. 

Nuna MIXX Next review: Design and key features 


I’ll start with how simple the Nuna Mixx Next was to put together, as this is a job you’ll inevitably be doing while pregnant, or with a toddler in tow. The Nuna Mixx Next was one of the easiest strollers on test to build — in fact, the entire build took around 15 minutes, and unlike some of the other buggies on test, I didn’t need to watch a YouTube video to ensure I was following the steps in the right order. The instructions were super-clear and made it easy to slot the wheels into place and build the seat. 

a photo of the Nuna MIXX Next

(Image credit: Future)

Unlike other strollers on test, I didn’t test the carrycot with the Nuna Mixx Next, only the chassis and seat. The carrycot comes separately, as mentioned above, and can easily be clicked onto the chassis. The carrycot folds flat, which is a clever design, especially if you’re short on boot space, and can be used for overnight sleeping if you’re traveling to visit relatives. 

Once constructed, the pushchair felt sturdy and I was impressed with the quality of the fabrics, which look built to last. I liked how even when folded, the fabric of the seat and the leatherette handlebars weren’t resting on the ground, minimizing scuffs and muddy marks on the seat. 

Key design features 

But what makes the Nuna Mixx Next stand out from the crowd? As mentioned above, I loved how easy it was to fold and unfold this pushchair — in fact, it was one of my favorites on test, despite not being the lightest stroller to lift in and out of the car. Compared to the original Nuna Mixx stroller, with the Nuna Mixx Next, released in 2020, Nuna has added something called a MagneTech Secure Snap — this is a magnetic buckle that automatically locks the pushchair in place when folded, allowing you to lift it easily into the car, or stand it on it’s side in your hallway without it unfolding and falling. It’s genius and something I wish other brands would adopt. 

On first impression, I thought this stroller was taller than others on test, but this is down to the seat sitting high on the frame, lifting your little one higher. The seat can be turned inwards or forward facing and has five recline settings, which can be adjusted with one hand. The higher seat also means the stroller can double as a highchair when out and about. The iCandy Peach 7 has a similar feature, although lifting the seat requires extra adaptors, which you don't need with the Nuna Mixx Next. 

The tires of the Nuna Mixx Next are tough and designed to cope with multiple terrains. They are foam-filled to minimize punctures if you’re going off-road. There’s also a large UPF 50+ sun canopy that extends down over the child for nap times, with a flip-out eyeshade when the sun is shining, ventilation windows, and a peep window so you can check on your tot when on the move. 

a photo of the ventilation on the hood of the Nuna MIXX Next

(Image credit: Future)

Finally, I appreciated the large two-compartment basket, which has a secret zipped pocket. While I probably wouldn’t zip my phone into the basket of my stroller, it’s a handy place to store items you don’t want rattling around in the basket. There’s also a zipped pocket on the back of the seat which does fit your phone and keys, should you wish. 

a photo of the window on the Nuna MIXX Next

(Image credit: Future)

Nuna MIXX Next review: Performance 

I tested all of the strollers in our best stroller test using different weights to test maneuverability as your child grows, as well as with my 21-pound nephew. I set up cones to imitate getting around tight corners in the supermarket and went to various locations to test the Nuna Mixx Next on hills, mud, and gravel. 

I was impressed with the maneuverability of the Nuna Mixx Next, which handled tight turns well. It wasn’t quite as smooth on uneven ground as the Bugaboo Fox 5 was, but I never had any issue with the wheels getting stuck on muddy woodland walks, or being unable to handle sand on the beach. The stroller didn’t feel particularly wide, especially due to its all-terrain tires, and I didn’t struggle to get it through smaller spaces. 

a photo of the vegan handlebar on the Nuna MIXX Next

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Compared to the brake on the iCandy Peach 7, which wasn’t sandal-friendly, the large break on the Nuna Mixx Next was a joy to use, and easily clicked on and off with the touch of a button. I didn’t need to worry about accidentally leaving the stroller unlocked, as it was easy to see at a glance that it was. 

I also liked the little extras the stroller came with — there’s an all-season seat, that is designed to keep the baby cosy in the winter, but also convert to mesh in the summer. The stroller also came with a rain cover for when the weather changes.

a photo of the Nuna MIXX Next brake

(Image credit: Future)

The only downside I found when testing the stroller was that the footrest plastic wasn’t particularly sturdy, especially compared to some of the others in the test. I found that wasn’t anywhere obvious for a toddler to rest their legs, especially when lying flat in the stroller, and I wondered how comfortable they’d be during longer naps without a sturdy foot rest.

Nuna MIXX Next review: Verdict

The Nuna Mixx Next is a great, affordable, all-terrain stroller for those who want to navigate around different surfaces with ease. It feels luxurious, and the huge basket and lockable fold really stand out from some of the other buggies on test. 

That said, if you have a taller toddler, or a toddler who likes to nap in the stroller, this might not be the best for you, as the lack of footrest might be an issue. From birth and for the first few years, however, this is a good all-rounder, with a quality feel and a smooth, comfortable ride.  

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