OnePlus 13 rumors — everything we know so far

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The OnePlus 12 launch earlier this year may still be fresh in your mind, but attention is already starting to turn to the OnePlus 13. Should OnePlus follow its recent release schedule, the new phone could arrive by year's end — at least in China — with a wider launch happening in early 2025. So naturally work is already underway on the successor to one of the best Android phones currently out there.

Certainly, our OnePlus 12 review indicates the new phone has a tough act to follow. The OnePlus 12 made some notable improvements to the flagship OnePlus device, with a better periscope telephoto lens, bright display and the return of wireless charging. With many premium features available in a phone that costs less than comparable devices like the iPhone 15 Pro and Galaxy S24 Plus, the OnePlus 12 burnished OnePlus' reputation as the phone maker turn to if you're not completely satisfied with what the likes of Apple and Samsung are serving up.

So how does OnePlus continue to build on that momentum? Here's what we know so far about the OnePlus 13 based on initial rumors starting to surface.

OnePlus 13: Price and release date

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OnePlus has started launching new flagship phones in December as of late, with the device making its debut in China just ahead of the new year. For example, the OnePlus 12 debuted in China on December 6, 2023, before a global rollout a month later. In the U.S., the OnePlus 12 went on sale February 6.

We haven't heard about OnePlus 13 release plans via the rumor mill yet — that won't happen until we get further along in the year. But there's no reason to assume OnePlus will deviate from that schedule, with a December 2024 release in China, followed by a global launch during the first three months of 2025.

As for price, the OnePlus 12 had a listed starting price of $799, though a trade-in offer reduced that cost to $699, matching what the phone maker charged for the OnePlus 11. It's unclear at this point if OnePlus can keep the OnePlus 13 price in the same range, as some phone makers have struggled with the rising cost of components. For now, we'd assume something between $699 to $799, barring any new price rumors.

Brar expects the OnePlus 13 to have a micro-quad curved display in which the top and bottom of the displays will curve just like the right and left edges. (Most of the time, curved displays just curve on the sides.) The Honor Magic6 Pro has this kind of display, but it's not common, so the OnePlus 13 could stand out for that feature.

More recently, Android Authority spotted a post on Weibo claiming that the OnePlus 13 would go in a different direction with a flat display covered by curved glass on all four sides to create a bezel-free appearance. The same leaker behind that claim also suggests that OnePlus will use a 2K OLED panel for its next flagship.

OnePlus 13: Design and display

OnePlus 13 and OnPlus 13R design renders

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Initial OnePlus 13 rumors suggest a modest change to the look of the phone — or at least the placement of its camera array on the back of the device. For the last few models, OnePlus has used a circular array, and that seems like it's going to continue with the OnePlus 13. However, a post by tipster Yogesh Brar shows a drawing where the OnePlus 13's camera array has moved more to the center of the phone. (It's just off the left side of the OnePlus 12.)

That same post suggests OnePlus will use a rectangular array for the OnePlus 13R, the successor to the OnePlus 12R. Perhaps that's OnePlus' way of distinguishing between its budget and midrange models. (It's also worth noting that some posts from the Chinese site Weibo have suggested that the OnePlus 13's camera array will also be rectangular, but we're not sure if those tipsters are confusing the flagship with the R model.)

OnePlus 13: Cameras

OnePlus 12 renders

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Cameras have been an area where OnePlus has made substantial gains, thanks in large part to its partnership with lens specialist Hasselblad. In our testing, the OnePlus 12 proved to be the best camera phone OnePlus has ever made. That phone features a 50MP main camera with a 48MP ultrawide shooter and a 64MP telephoto lens capable of supporting a 3x zoom

It doesn't sound like a major overhaul is being planned. According to Android Authority, a Weibo poster known a Digital Chat Station claims that OnePlus will make minor improvements to its periscope-style telephoto lens.

The thing to pay attention to is whether any changes to camera capabilities leak out. Hasselblad has helped improve colors and low-light photos on recent OnePlus flagships, with the OnePlus 12 focusing on portrait mode upgrades. We'll see what the two companies have planned for the OnePlus 13's image processing features.

OnePlus 13: Performance

OnePlus 12 held in the hand.

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OnePlus uses the leading Qualcomm system-on-chip in its flagship phones. For the OnePlus 12, that meant the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, which has helped the phone keep pace with the Galaxy S24 family. Therefore, it's widely assumed — and claimed by Yogesh Brar — that the OnePlus 13 will turn to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4.

That silicon hasn't been announced yet, though Qualcomm has confirmed that it will debut in October. Early Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 specs suggest that the new chipset should provide big performance gains for upcoming Android devices, including the OnePlus 13.

OnePlus 13: Battery

Battery life shouldn't be a concern for the OnePlus 13, if the OnePlus 12 is anything to go by. The current OnePlus flagship earned a spot on our best phone battery life list by lasting for 17 hours and 41 minutes. Only four other devices that we've tested in the last 18 months have out-performed that. (And one of them was the OnePlus 12R.)

If you want something to fret about, consider a claim from Digital Chat Station on Weibo, who seems to suggest wireless charging won't be supported on the OnePlus 13. That would be quite a reversal from OnePlus, which restored wireless charging to the OnePlus 12 after dropping it from the OnePlus 11. 

Digital Chat Station does suggest a 6,000 mAh battery will keep the OnePlus 13 powered up, which would be an upgrade from the OnePlus 12's 5,400 mAh power pack.

OnePlus 13 outlook

It's early days yet for the OnePlus 13, so we can expect plenty of additional rumors between now and the end of the year. But between a new camera layout, a huge battery and Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 power, there's plenty to be excited about for the next OnePlus flagship already.

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