WhatsApp multi-device support finally coming — here’s what it looks like

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Last year WhatsApp confirmed that multi-device support was on the way, so you’re able to access your account on another device without losing access on the original. Now we know more about how this feature is going to work.

Multi-device support has been rolled out to a very select number of WhatsApp beta users, so it’s not available for everyone just yet. But, thanks to WABetaInfo, we’re still able to get a glimpse at what multi-device support looks like. 

The new feature is officially called “Linked Devices” and lets link a brand new device to your account. That way you can access your WhatsApp account from anywhere else you like, be it a desktop, browser, or even Facebook’s Portal smart display.

Unfortunately users aren’t able to test it just yet, because WhatsApp has only updated the user interface. In other word the changes are purely visual right now, and even then you have to dive into the settings menu before you’ll notice any sort of change.

whatsapp linked devices beta

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It’ll be interesting to see how WhatsApp handles multi-device support at any rate. Because your messages are stored on your device, rather than WhatsApp’s servers, it’s not like they can automatically sync every time you refresh a new device.

It could well be that WhatsApp will simply send all messages to your active devices, or alternatively it could work like the WhatsApp web client. That, for those that don’t know, is essentially a mirrored version of WhatsApp on your phone, and requires an active link to function. In other words it will cut off your access to WhatsApp if your “Prime” device runs out of battery or disconnects from the internet.

We don’t have any news on when Linked Devices will be available, either in beta or as a stable release. Considering we got our first glimpse back in October, and the fact very little seems to have changed in the months since, there may still be a while to go.

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