This year could be huge for the Apple Watch

Apple Watch activity rings
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The Apple Watch 7 made a bunch of important changes to Apple’s wearable, but it sounds like more of them may be on the way. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, in the latest issue of his ‘Power On’ newsletter, 2022 could be the “biggest [year] in the history of the Apple Watch since the original model."

Gurman claims that Apple might be introducing three different Apple Watch models later this year, as well as finally retiring the Apple Watch 3 — which first launched back in 2017.

According to Gurman, these models will include the Apple Watch 8, a brand new Apple Watch SE, and a watch designed for extreme sports. Presumably that one would be more rugged than a traditional Apple Watch, so it could take more of a beating and still come out ok.

Apple Watch 8: Big upgrades tipped

So what can we expect from these new wearables? Gurman says that we shouldn't expect any “major new health sensors." Major being the key word, since Apple may end up adding a body temperature sensor to the device. 

However, we probably shouldn’t expect blood pressure monitoring, which was often rumored for Apple Watch 7, to make an appearance.

But Gurman believes we’ll be getting “major updates” to activity tracking, and “faster chips across the board." A new chip is to be expected, but what exactly the upgrades to activity tracking could be wasn't made clear. 

While the Apple Watch 7 brought in a new design for Cupertino's smartwatch, it didn't get all the upgrades we were seemingly promised by the leaks. So there's definitely scope for Apple to really boost the feature set of the next flagship Apple Watch. 

As such, if Gurman is correct, we should be hearing a lot more about the 2022 Apple Watches over the coming months. However the newsletter was pretty scant on details, so we’re going to have to be patient if we want to get a clear picture of what’s on the way.

In the past we saw renders for a “future Apple Watch” featuring a flat-edged design, akin to that of more recent iPhones. However, it’s not clear if and when this design might make an appearance on the Apple Watch 8, especially since it already skipped over the Apple Watch 7.

In any case there are plenty of new features we’d like to see in the Apple Watch 8. Those include better battery life, a blood glucose reader, microLED displays, Touch ID, and potentially even larger display sizes. 

Sadly all we can do right now is wait, but sit tight and we’ll bring you all the biggest Apple Watch 8 news and and when we hear it.

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