This smart mirror uses AR to help you with skin care

(Image credit: Future)

LAS VEGAS — Wellness and health tech are flourishing at CES 2020. And while there are a number of smart mirrors competing for eyeballs — and the rest of your face — none feel as clever and comprehensive  as the CareOS-powered Poseidon.

Available in 32- to 55-inch configurations, the Poseidon smart mirror transforms the standard bathroom station into an all-in-one wellness hub. 

Poseidon is powered by CareOS, a health-centric operating system designed to manage wellness data stored locally on the device. But CareOS also lets the Poseidon mirror control connected smart devices, keep track of family routines and more.

Poseidon’s key technology is its AR camera that maps your face with 7,000 different points. While this is useful for recognizing who’s standing in front of the mirror at any given time, the map also provides a number of health and beauty uses.

How do I look with purple hair?

How do I look with purple hair? (Image credit: Future)

I tested the AR capabilities and found it accurately read my skin characteristics, recognizing the dryness brought on by my third day of travel. I used the Poseidon mirror to see how I’d look with different colored hair, and which lipstick shade best suited my look for the day, too.

Over time, Poseidon could track the changes in my skin to see how it’s moving with age. So yes, while the mirror will be quick to point on my deepening stress wrinkles, it can also recommend products and routines to alleviate them. 

What also intrigued me about Poseidon is its built-in infrared sensors, which register your finger’s gestures without you needing to physically touch the screen. The touch-less display is ideal for keeping water, creams and pastes clear of your reflection.

Poseidon is coming later this year and will start at a steep $3,000. Its price will certainly cause some pointed looks in the mirror, but it doesn’t stop me from adding the Poseidon to my wish list. 

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Kate Kozuch

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