The Mission: Impossible 7 trailer is amazing — watch it right here

The first Mission: Impossible 7 trailer is here — and it rules. Oh, and it's a reminder that the next two chapters of Tom Cruise's espionage series are a two-parter — as its full title is Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One (which caused a member of the Tom's Guide staff to yell "WHY DOES EVERY BLOCKBUSTER HAVE TO BE A TWO PARTER?" in our Slack).

The trailer teases that Ethan Hunt's latest enemy is a familiar one, and one wants to own the concept of truth, in order to manipulate right and wrong. This is all told to Hunt by man who appears to be Eugene Kittridge, portrayed by Henry Czerny (who was confirmed to reprise his role from the original Mission: Impossible).

Whomever it is (you never can tell in Ethan Hunt's line of work) kicks off the new trailer by telling Hunt he needs to pick a side in this new reality. Hunt's ideals don't exist anymore, he's told. This all sets off a very cool mood of "it's all on the line," while mixing in a bit of the modern debate over truth and veracity.

They're in a very creepy opaque room, but as we hear his argument, a montage of action around the world kicks off. Horseback riders roam the desert, Hunt fights his way around a club and there's much more. We see co-stars Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby and a very evil looking Esai Morales in rapid succession. 

Explosions of green gas tear up an office, and Hunt runs through a church, flashes a key to new co-star Hayley Atwell. Then, we see what looks like the potentially coolest stunt of the flick: as he rides a motorbike up a small cliffy ramp and jumps off of it, into what looks to be a very uncertain drop. It's one moment that will probably sell IMAX tickets, or at least that's the vibe I got.

And speaking of cliffhangers...

Analysis: The end of Mission: Impossible?

Mission: Impossible 8 — Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two — is the last confirmed sequel of the franchise, and we've long known that a big cliffhanger moment will separate the two movies. 

Furthermore, Variety's previously revealed that the plans are for M:I 8 to serve as the sendoff for Cruise's involvement with the series. So we're not surprised to see the actor trying to up the ante with even wilder stunts.

Oh, and for those who were hearing rumors of a leaked trailer? Isn't it totally Mission: Impossible for a trailer to leak out? That seems to be exactly what happened over this past weekend. No word on if that forced Paramount Pictures hand on posting the trailer.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One debuts in theaters on July 14, 2023, and will likely hit Paramount Plus around 45 days after that.

Henry T. Casey
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