The Logitech Reach could be the webcam of the year — here’s why

Logitech Reach
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The Logitech Reach articulating webcam could make presentations, tutorials and livestreams easier for people.

As the company announced in a blog post, the Logitech Reach is meant to alleviate the challenges some might face when trying to share non-digital objects during conferences or streams. For example, if you wanted to show off something like a photo or electronic device, you’d have to bring it up to your webcam — which could be burdensome if said object is heavy or sensitive.

With the Logitech Reach, you're able to keep an object on your table and simply swing the articulating webcam over it. As demonstrated in the video above, you can move the camera horizontally or vertically either by hand or with the press of a button. 4.3x lossless zoom with autofocus makes it easy to show off details, while guidance indicators keep the image upright along the way.

Another convenient aspect of the Logitech Reach is that you don’t always have to keep it on your desk. When not in use, you can simply remove it from the stand and store it away. And since this is a plug-and-play device, you just connect it when you’re ready to present something. If you want or need to permanently keep the Logitech Reach on your desk, you’ll be able to keep it in place with a low-profile clamp.

Logitech will initially crowdfund the Logitech Reach via Indiegogo Enterprise. As the company told The Verge, this campaign is how it plans to refine the product’s design. There’s no official pricing yet, but it could be offered at a “discounted” $299 or $399, depending on the webcam’s final design. Right now, there’s no word on when the crowdfunding campaign will officially launch. 


The Logitech Reach seems like an intriguing device. If this articulating webcam is up to snuff, it could end up on our best Logitech webcams and best webcams lists. But we’ll have to wait and see until the crowdfunding campaign ends and Logitech offers the webcam to the public. Stay tuned for more news about the Logitech Reach. 

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