Surface Pro 7, Surface Laptop 3 and All-New Surface 7 Leaked

(Image credit: Microsoft via Evan Blass)

Here you have them: all the new Surface products that will be introduced at Microsoft's special event tomorrow. The Microsoft Surface Pro 7, the Surface Laptop 3 and the all-new ARM-based Surface 7. Missing, though, is the now mythical Microsoft Centaurus.

The images — shared by accurate gadget leaker Evan Blass — seem totally legit to me. They are clearly Microsoft designs and show no manipulation artifacts.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

The new Surface Pro 7 looks largely unchanged, except for the port mix, which now includes USB-C at last. But if you were looking for a redesign that got it closer to the iPad Pro in terms of thickness or bezels, you are out of luck. Perhaps the 8 will bring that — if Microsoft finally cuts ties with Intel and gets a laptop-class chip that doesn’t require this thickness for heat dissipation. Maybe AMD will give them the keys for that.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

The Surface Laptop 2 made our list of the best laptops. And the Surface Laptop 3 — which will come in 13 and 15 inch flavors — looks quite sleek and capable of going head to head against the existing MacBook Pros.

I would argue that the Surface Laptop 3 looks better than the Apple professional notebooks — thanks to the tapering base that is so thin where your hands rest, like the MacBook Air (although keep in mind that Apple is releasing a completely redesigned MacBook Pro perhaps as soon as this month). The Surface Laptop is rumored to run on an AMD chip or at least offer an AMD option. 

Microsoft Surface 7

And finally the new darling, a return to the time in which Microsoft had the ARM-based Surface 3 and Intel-based Surface Pro 3: the Surface 7 looks really sweet. Really sleek, with thin bezels, although certainly not as thin as the iPad Pro. But it retains the Surface’s characteristic solid built-in stand, which is a sore miss on the iPads. It is yet to be seen which Qualcomm chip will power this little beast or what software it will be able to run on top of its — according to other rumors — Windows Core operating system.

Notably missing, however, is the fabled and eagerly awaited foldable Microsoft Centaurus which may still be coming as a “one more thing”.

We will know more tomorrow, when we hit Microsoft’s special Surface event.

Jesus Diaz

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