Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is 'epic', 'satisfying' and 'convoluted' for fans

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is a lot of good. It has a lot of action. A lot of character development. A lot cameos. A lot of plot twists. A lot of crowd pleasing moments. And — in the immortal words of Led Zeppelin — it has a whola lotta love from the fans who saw it at yesterday’s world premiere.

Mashable captured the Twitter impressions of a lot of the people who went to see it in Los Angeles. They are positive, overall, some of them glowing with awe and amazementranging from declarations of awe and amazement — like these three examples:

So it must be really really good, right? Well, not so fast.

A disturbance in the Force?

There are many people who, beyond overall saying it’s a good movie also said it’s not “perfect”. What is most worrying is that many kept repeating how the movie was “a lot” to digest. Not in a deep thinking, reflect about friendship, betrayal and death way like in The Irishman and more in a “holy bantha crap, that is A LOT of things happening” in very little time.

So while Australian radio and TV personality Maude Garrett above was in love after the first 20 minutes, others noted how there is way too much plot and clunky narrative. Cinema Blend says that it is all “non-stop action”. Despite saying Star Wars expert Chris Taylor said that a lot was happening, ‘nine movies worth of it’. A sentiment echoed by others. That may cause trouble in some audiences.

However, the overall feeling seems to be that — despite having a lot to nitpick and the rushed narrative — it’s a fitting end to the saga. One that is making fans grin ear to ear. Taylor himself pointed out in Twitter that the plot is coherent and emotionally resonant — which it’s the most important part when you are about to close the biggest movie saga in history.

That is good to know. As someone who saw all the movies when they came out at the movie theater, I’m certainly looking to close this chapter of our shared pop culture history.

And then go back to watch the awesome The Mandalorian (which obviously wins because, Baby Yoda, baby).

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