Sprung is a madcap Amazon Freevee comedy with 98% on Rotten Tomatoes — and you can watch for free

Shakira Barrera as Gloria, Martha Plimpton as Barb and Garret Dillahunt as Jack in Sprung on Amazon Freevee
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It’s easy to forget that Prime Video doesn’t just offer its own vast collection of movies and TV shows; the streaming service also includes access to a range of additional “channels”. Some of these require a paid subscription to access, but some are completely free to watch. 

Case in point: Freevee is a free ad-supported streaming video service, and just like Prime Video it's owned and operated by Amazon. While Freevee doesn’t include the likes of Rings of Power and The Boys, it still offers a large collection of worthwhile content at zero cost. 

In fact, Freevee’s library sports a range of original content that you won’t find anywhere else, and one new TV show that recently debuted on the channel is making some serious waves. It’s called Sprung and it comes from a creator with a track record of excellence in the world of comedy. 

What is Sprung about?  

Helmed by Greg Garcia, who also created My Name is Earl and Raising Hope, Sprung tells the story of Jack (Garret Dillahunt), a man recently released from prison early due to Covid-19 overcrowding. 

After spending nearly three decades incarcerated, Jack is determined to avoid slipping back into a life of crime. However, his resolve is tested when his former cellmate Rooster (Philip Garcia) offers him a place to stay, under the condition that he joins a criminal enterprise that Rooster has created with his mother, Barb (Martha Plimpton).

Under Jack’s guidance, this motley crew joins together to put their criminal expertise to good use. But as you might guess, things don't necessarily go smoothly for them.

What do critics say about Sprung?  

Sprung premiered on Freevee last month and has enjoyed a strong reception out of the gate. The show has a very solid 82% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes, but its audience score is even more impressive at a near-perfect 98%. 

John Anderson of the Wall Street Journal was plenty impressed with Sprung, labeling the show “a fresh idea, with terrific writing, terrific music and a comedically gifted cast, notably Ms. Plimpton.”

The Hollywood Reporter’s Dan Flenberg was similarly enthusiastic about it, calling it a “solid blend of coarse, lowbrow humor and well-executed sentiment, featuring a great ensemble cast.” 

Not every critic was quite as positive. Marah Eakin of IndieWire felt the show was “trying to say something about everything” which leads to a lack of focus. Plus, the Covid-19 pandemic setting instantly dates the show, which in turn creates “a massive hump Sprung never really gets over.”  

Should you stream Sprung?   

If you’re looking for an easy-watching comedy show then Sprung could fit the bill nicely. The eight-episode first season goes down easy, with each 30-minute instalment generally pretty light in tone with a sprinkling of more serious subject matters for good measure. Plus, you can watch Sprung for free, so you’ve got nothing to lose by at least giving it a shot. 

Sprung is far from the only worthwhile content on Freevee. For starters, the service offers an excellent range of free blockbuster movies that can be streamed right now. And you’ll also find popular shows such as Alex Rider and new documentaries including Post Malone: Runaway. And did we mention that all of this can be streamed for free?

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