Samsung UK thinks the best way to market 5G is with a bus

Samsung 5G bus
(Image credit: Samsung)

5G is a big deal, even Apple says so, but one of the companies that’s been harking on about it for ages is Samsung. Whether it’s 5G phone, network hardware, or something else, Samsung has a lot to gain, so that makes sense.

Public perception of 5G is a little different, and it seems Samsung really wants to show people the benefits of 5G beyond being able to download things slightly faster. So it’s set up a 5G demo bus in central London.

The aptly-named ‘5G Bus’ will live at Samsung KX, Samsung’s “experience space” (read: shop) near King’s Cross station. It’s not actually a bus though, and it won’t be ferrying people around as actual transportation. Instead it’s a 5G demo zone shaped like a bus, for reasons Samsung hasn’t explained. 

Surely if we’re supposed to climb aboard the 5G hype train, an actual train would have been a more sensible choice? Just a thought.

Inside the bus guests will be able to see what 5G has to offer, whether that’s gaming on a variety of screens inside (including a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 streaming from Xbox Game Pass), or the various ways 5G can aid productivity and remote working. 

Samsung 5G bus

(Image credit: Samsung)

You’ll also be able to check out the bus itself, and judging from the pictures it’s a good thing it's not geared up for actual transport. There’s six chairs in there, and when you take social distancing into account you probably shouldn’t have any extra travellers in there. It wouldn’t be very efficient, regardless of the 5G aspect.

But maybe this is what the future of transport has to offer. In a world where vehicles drive themselves, and people can use 5G to work or game wherever they like. If you are passing King’s Cross, it may be worth a look, but in the current state of things (and Tier 2 lockdown restrictions in the British capital) we don’t recommend going out of your way to do so.

Tom Pritchard
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