Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip 5G prices just leaked

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The Galaxy Z Fold 2 won't see a price increase over the Galaxy Fold, despite the vastly improved specs. However, you'll likely miss out on a free gift that did come with the original.

ETNews (via GSMArena) has reported the price of the Fold 2, as well as that of the Galaxy Z Flip 5G. There's no specific mention of what the source is, but ETNews is usually a reliable source of Samsung information. The Korean site seems to have plenty of good contacts placed within the country's biggest electronics maker.

It looks like you'll have to shell out KRW 2.39 million for the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which is roughly $2,000. Since the first Galaxy Fold was sold for $1,980, that's a pretty tiny increase, if there is indeed going to be one at all once Samsung properly localizes its prices.

Although the price has been fixed in place, Samsung is being a little less generous because the Fold 2 apparently won't come with an included pair of Galaxy Buds like the first Fold did. What you get instead is a far more formidable set of specs worthy of the premium price.

The Fold 2 will reportedly feature a 7.7-inch 120Hz interior OLED screenl, a secondary 6.23-inch cover screen, a 5G-compatible Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset, and five cameras. Those sensors consist of the 12MP main, 64MP telephoto and 12MP ultrawide on the back, and two 10MP selfie cameras, one embedded in each display in a punch-hole to avoid blocking out too much of the screen.

The ETNews report also claims that the price for the Z Flip 5G will be KRW 1.65 million, which converts to $1,380. That's the same price as the LTE version that originally launched in February of this year, which again seems like a generous offer considering the upgraded chipset.

We're expecting both of these foldables, along with the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Tab S7 to appear at the Galaxy Unpacked event taking place on August 5. There may be a delay between the launches of the Note 20 and the Z Fold 2, but we're expecting both to be on sale within a month or two of their reveal.

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