Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 leak reveals gorgeous new color

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in "Bronze"
(Image credit: Evan Blass)

We’re not far away from the next Samsung Unpacked event, but the Galaxy Watch 3 wearable isn’t doing a great job of waiting in the wings until showtime. Earlier this week, pretty clear photos of the Galaxy Watch 3 leaked, and now it’s appeared again — this time in “Bronze.” 

Okay, you may be scratching your head and wondering if we’re looking at the same picture. Yep, we agree that it looks closer to rose gold, but Evan Blass (who leaked the image via his Patreon) is adamant that Samsung is calling this Bronze. 

Don’t worry if Bronze isn’t for you. Blass shared another picture of the watch in more traditional black a few hours earlier. 

The Galaxy Watch 3 in "Black"

(Image credit: Evan Blass)

Color aside, one other thing may immediately stand out to you: while the Bronze model has smooth edges to the bezel, the black version looks a bit more contoured. While Blass points out that they’re different sizes (41mm for the Bronze version; 45mm for the black model), it does leave us wondering if Samsung is planning a couple of flavors like it did with the Gear S3 smartwatch. 

Back then, you may recall, Samsung released a ‘Classic’ version alongside a more rugged ‘Frontier’ model. There was no difference in the specs, just the look and weight — a tacit acknowledgement that watches are as much about appearance as performance. 

There’s one final intriguing detail in the second picture: the date on the watch face says “Wed 22.” As Blass himself points out, July 22 this year falls on a Wednesday. Does this mean Samsung might be planning on surprising us with an early reveal? 

Everything we’ve previously heard points to ‘no’, but then again Samsung’s next Unpacked event is already looking pretty darned packed, with the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip 5G and Galaxy Tab S7 already due to be part of proceedings. Would it really be that strange if Samsung decided to space things out with an early reveal for the Galaxy Watch 3?

Disappointingly, we’re going to stay on the fence here. Samsung has been known to release products outside of official Unpacked events before — the Tab S6 was expected to launch at Samsung’s official 2019 event, but ended up going a week early to give the Note 10 breathing space. Indeed, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 didn’t get its own event either — so it's possible that Samsung may push out the Galaxy Watch 3 early. 

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