Samsung Galaxy S23 just tipped for this major camera upgrade

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus in hand
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Update: This selfie camera upgrade may also apply to the Galaxy S23 Ultra too.

We’re still several months away from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S23, but we’re already starting to hear rumors about potential upgrades the phone might enjoy. Among them is word that there may be an upgraded selfie camera, with 12MP of resolution to boot.

That’s according to GalaxyClub, which claims the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus will include the upgraded sensor. While an extra 2MP isn’t a lot on paper, it would prove to be a serious upgrade considering both models haven’t had a boost in resolution since the Galaxy S10 range launched in 2019.

Resolution doesn’t necessarily make a camera better. The fact the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s 12MP camera lens is top of our list of best camera phones shows quality photography relies on a lot of other things.

But the inclusion of a new front camera module could give Samsung the opportunity to include other upgrades. We don’t have any other details right now, but we can hope for some of the things the Galaxy S22’s front camera lacks. Optical image stabilization is one, as is slow-motion video recording and a lower aperture for better low-light performance.

At the very least a 12MP sensor might close the gap between the S23 and the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The Galaxy S22 Ultra already has a 40MP front camera, and there’s no reason why the S23 Ultra wouldn’t at least come with something similar.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that an upgrade is even on the cards. There have been rumors suggesting a new front camera would be coming even before the launch of the Galaxy S21. Those never materialized, and Samsung could disappoint us again next year — no matter how overdue this particular upgrade might be.

We’ve also heard rumors that the Galaxy S23 could come packing a new version of Samsung’s 200MP ISOCELL HP1 camera module. However, it seems likely that this particular upgrade would be reserved for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Assuming it happens at all.

We’re still very early in the Galaxy S23’s rumor cycle, and that means we can’t make any conclusions just yet. The Samsung Galaxy S23 is currently expected to arrive in January 2023. In the meantime, check out our Galaxy S23 hub for all the latest rumors and leaks. 

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