Samsung's AirDresser Is a Closet that Keeps Your Clothes Fresh

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Samsung is sending out a wave of new smart home appliances, and among the ones that will keep you and your home fresh as ever are the Samsung AirDresser and Powerstick Jet.

The pricing and availability of these products are still unclear, but we're already impressed. 

Samsung AirDresser

With the Samsung AirDresser, you never have to go to the dry cleaners again.

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Not only that, but you don't have to worry about an enormous dry cleaning system fitting into your space. The AirDresser is so thin that it'd even go perfectly in a studio apartment.

Right before you go to sleep, choose five pieces of clothing to hang and the AirDresser will dry clean your clothes in four simple steps. First, it will blast Jet Air at your clothes to remove all of the dust and debris. Next, it'll Jet Steam your clothes to sanitize it and remove germs. Then, the AirDresser will dry your clothes and safe temperatures with a heat pump. Finally, a deodorizing filter will eliminate any remaining odors in the cabinet.

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The cleaning modes include four Care Modes and two Professional Modes. The Care Modes include Normal, Delicate, Quick and Sanitize, while the Professional Modes are Dry and Special.

The AirDresser comes in a Crystal Mirror color, which (as you might've guessed) doubles as a full-body mirror.

Samsung Powerstick Jet

You won't be able to scrub your home down to the particles unless you pick up Samsung' Powerstick Jet: the company's most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner to date.

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Samsung uses its Digital Inverter Motor and Jet Cyclone System to generate up to 200W of power. In order to capture the 99.999% of the dust that Samsung claims that the Powerstick Jet does is its 5-layer HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtration system.

The 5 stages start with the main cyclone, which traps large dust, then moves onto the metal mesh grille filter, which separates large dust from fine dust particles. Next, the vacuum debris goes through the Jet Cyclone, which contains 9 sets of cyclone cones with 27 air inlets that trap fine dust particles. In the fourth stage, the dust goes through a washable micro filter, and finally, an ultra fine dust filter that traps 0.3~10µm sized fine dust particles up to 99.999%.

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The Powerstick Jet comes with four separate brushes: Mini Turbo Tool, Soft Action Brush, Spinning Sweeper and the Turbo Brush. The Mini Turbo Tool runs at 1,850 RPM and it’s good for cleaning fine dust and pet hair on sofas and beds. The Soft Action Brush is a little slower, at 1,300 RPM, and is perfect for hard floors. Meanwhile, the Spinning Sweeper, which can use either reusable microfiber mop pads or disposable wet clothes that that run at 300 RPM each. Finally, there’s the Turbo Brush, which runs at a whopping 3,750 RPM and is great for carpet and pet hair.

In regards to battery life, you’ll get a good 60 minutes, which should be enough time to get all of your cleaning done. If not, well, then maybe you should take a break and relax while it charges at its bay-station. Or, if you really want to, you can swap out the battery with the replaceable ones that Samsung offers in the box.

The best part is that all of the parts and filters are washable, so you don’t have to worry about your vacuum getting filthier than its supposed to.


We’re hoping to get these lovely appliances in-house to see how well they clean dust from the clothes and the floor. Stay tuned for our full reviews of the Samsung AirDresser and Powerstick Jet. In the meantime, check in on our current IFA 2019 coverage for the latest news in the best tech.

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