PUBG Mobile Season 14 release date, leaks, royale pass and more

PUBG Mobile
(Image credit: PUBG Corporation/Tencent)

PUBG Mobile is completely separate from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, despite sharing the same name. PUBG Mobile is the portable, scaled-down version of PUBG that contains the same dozens-of-soldiers-on-a-wartorn-island action that the battle royale genre is known for. 

While standard PUBG is ending it's seventh season later this summer, PUBG Mobile is already starting it's 14th. With the mobile version of PUBG Corp's famous shooter bringing in new content on a regular basis, what can we expect from Season 14?

PUBG Mobile Season 14 release date

PUBG Mobile's Season 14 is scheduled to start on July 12th, beginning shortly after Season 13 ends. Players won't have the ability to go back and get old rewards once the new season starts so make sure to spend some time grinding to unlock all of the Toy Playground battle pass as soon as you can. 

PUBG Mobile Season 14 leaks and what to expect

Leaks indicate that Season 14 will have a 'Spark the Flame' theme that includes flashy and metallic skins, parachutes and other items. This hasn't been confirmed but leaks from multiple sources have all pointed to the same several skins and items. 

Like other seasons before it, Season 14 will let you unlock a series of cosmetic skins for guns, grenades, parachutes and other items. We don't have confirmation about what exact items will be included. Check out an example of what is currently included in Season 13's pass. 

Other rumors, like PUBG Mobile's own tweet, point to Season 14 introducing a new map. Some players have suggested the four images on the postcards come together to form a new part of the map or a new map altogether.  

PUBG Mobile Season 14 royale pass

The PUBG Mobile battle pass system is broken into two tiers: free and premium. Everyone can play and unlock free items by just logging in, but you'll need to purchase the full battle pass if you want to unlock more exclusive skins and items. The free pass also caps at rank 60. 

The PUBG Mobile royale pass costs 600 UC ($9.99 / £9.99) giving you access to every item on the pass plus access to special missions that help you level up faster. The Elite Pass Plus is more expensive at 1800 UC ($29.99 / £29.99) but it automatically unlocks 25 ranks for you and gives additional rare items unavailable in the free or royale passes. 

Passes have to be bought with UC, the PUBG Mobile currency.