PS5 update fixes annoying double install bug for PS4 games

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PS5 owners obviously want to take advantage of the latest cutting-edge hardware found in their recent $500 purchase. The last thing any next-gen gamer wants to do is accidentally load up the PS4 version of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Well, Sony has finally pushed out an update that fixes this annoying bug. 

After the launch of the PS5, users on Reddit and elsewhere were coming upon an odd quirk where PS4 games were being installed alongside the PS5 version of games. Fortunately, Sony’s just fixed the issue by rolling out update version 20.02-02.50.00

This issue only occurred in “rare cases” according to Sony. In some instances, users would accidentally load up the last-gen version of a game, only to realize their error part-way through.

That is obviously a horrendous waste of space, and considering the PS5 only has 667GB of usable storage, the last thing you want is multiple copies of the same title floating about.

Affected games would flash up a warning whenever players tried to enjoy the offending games, asking if they wanted to play the PS4 or PS5 version. While nothing stopped you from picking PS5 there and then, that was about all the PS5 did about the matter. If you wanted to free up space on your machine, you’d have to go into the settings yourself and purge the obsolete game files.

But the latest update solves this issue, meaning you don’t have to sit around and wait for your console to install two different versions of the same game. Nor do you want to have to go digging in the storage management settings to purge the duplicates from your system.

It’s far from the worst bug that’s affected the PS5 since launch, but it is one of the strangest. You’d have thought these sorts of bugs would have been ironed out long before release, especially since Sony knew there would be people taking advantage of the console’s backwards compatibility.

At least it’s gone now, along with minor improvements to the console. Like improved system performance and editing clips with Share Factory Studio in the media gallery.

Whether you noticed you’ve been affected or not, make sure to get your console updated and check your used storage to make sure there’s nothing hanging around taking up precious space.

Tom Pritchard
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