PS5 system update appears to bring back a hugely annoying bug

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A previously fixed PS5 disc installation bug appears to have resurfaced after the console’s latest system update.

The PS5 recently received a minor system update that was designed to improve stability, but it appears to have roll backed a previous fix for one of the console’s most annoying problems. Reports of the issue returning come from several users on Reddit and were originally spotted by VGC

The issue in question sees the console attempt to install a PS4 version of a game unprompted when inserting a game disc even when the PS5 upgrade option has been selected. This issue was widely reported when the console launched in November, but Sony appeared to have fixed it earlier this year. 

The February PS5 system update patch notes stated: “In rare cases, the PS4 version of a game would install from the disc after you upgraded to and installed the PS5 version. Now, when you insert the PS4 game disc, the PS4 version won’t install unexpectedly.”

However, in recent weeks reports of the bug returning have been spotted on subreddits for games like Death Stranding and No Man’s Sky, both of which have a PS4 version and a native PS5 port. While the bug doesn’t prevent users from accessing the PS5 version, it does mean they end up with two versions of the same game installed on their console’s limited 825GB hard drive. 

Even deleting the PS4 version of the game doesn’t fix the issues, as the next time you insert the disc the console will begin the installation process all over again. One user reports they’ve had to delete the unwanted PS4 version of Death Stranding three times as their PS5 won’t stop installing it without permission. 

As Sony has already fixed this issue once, implementing a solution a second time hopefully won't take very long. However, it’s a frustrating reminder that just because an issue has been patched doesn’t mean it can’t return at a later date. We expect Sony to quietly reintroduce a fix in the next PS5 system update. 

Rory Mellon
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