PS5 Slim case still looks enormous in new video leak

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Given Sony has made "slim" versions of all its PlayStations at some point, it’s no surprise that the company would be looking to reduce the size of the enormous PS5. Indeed, as part of the recent FTC hearings over the Microsoft/Blizzard merger, the Xbox maker stated that it expects a PS5 Slim to emerge this year.

A new video suggests that a PS5 Slim may indeed be imminent — but that the word "slim" may be overdoing it somewhat. Judge for yourself with the video below, shared by Australian PlayStation repairs company Better Way Electronics (BwE).

In an earlier post, BwE described the console as “about 5cm or so shorter” but not much thinner. “If it's real and not a prototype, I will be very disappointed when it's released,” the account added.

One interesting detail about it is the molded area around the optical drive, which appears detachable. That and the single SKU number suggest the rumor about Sony doing away with the Digital/Disk PS5 divide is indeed true.

“Note that the SKU on the case doesn't have A or B (Disc/Digital),” BwE adds. “So my guess is that it comes without the drive and you buy it and attach it later like in the video? Would it then be slim enough to call it a slim? Maybe. It's definitely thinner when you compare the bottom.”

Attaching an optional accessory via the shell is, ergonomically speaking, a better solution than having it dangle out the back via USB-C. But it does mean that existing PS5 Digital owners might be out of luck if they’re looking to upgrade via this (currently hypothetical) accessory.

Speaking of USB-C, there is one other interesting thing to note about the shell. While the current PS5 has a USB-A and USB-C port on the front, this shell just includes two USB-C ones instead.

If the shell is legitimate, this new-look PS5 is a bit disappointing for anyone hoping for something to match the incredible work of DIY YouTubers, who have done amazing things at reducing the mammoth footprint of the console

But there is hope that this won’t be Sony’s last attempt at miniaturizing the PS5. Sony revisited the PS3’s design twice after it launched in 2006: once with the PS3 Slim in 2009 and then again with the PS3 Super Slim three years later. 

In all, Sony was able to reduce the console’s volume and weight significantly, albeit over six years, so fingers crossed that the company will be able to repeat the trick with the PS5 before this generation is out.

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