PS5 DualSense controller could have this awesome bonus feature

PS5 DualSense Controller
(Image credit: John Glasscock/YouTube)

The PS5 DualSense controller arriving with the PS5 for next week’s console launch looks pretty intriguing. Not only does it offer an appealing shape and design, but the DualSense’s Adaptive Trigger function and haptic feedback seem like great ways to interface with a variety of games — a potential improvement over DualShock controllers in every way. 

Get ready for one more surprise DualSense controller feature, though. Apparently, the front white plate on the controller can simply be detached and replaced.

YouTuber John Glasscock took to his channel with a video that explores several aspects about the DualSense controller that many may not have known about, including a mute button on the front of the controller, and the aforementioned discovery — the black portion of the controller can easily be detached. It takes a bit of doing, as is evidenced with Glasscock editing out the effort he put into doing so,

You can see the black portion of the plate being removed from the DualSense controller, leaving nothing but the anchor point attachments it features. This would introduce a way to pop off the plate and swap it with something else, like new colors of faceplates or other custom items. You can see the controller's inner shell when the black attachment is removed, and the controller still works normally.

Based on this observation about the DualSense controller, either Sony or third-party creators could offer some customization for this part of the input device.

PS5 DualSense Controller

(Image credit: John Glasscock/YouTube)

This interesting tidbit comes after Sony made the decision to have a third-party manufacturer cease production immediately on customizable PlayStation 5 faceplates. All pre-orders for the faceplates were canceled. 

Sony hasn’t confirmed anything about the removable controller faceplate. The PS5 doesn't debut on store shelves until Nov. 12, so we’ll see if any customization options emerge after that.

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