OnePlus Watch just confirmed in new tease — what you need to know

OnePlus watch sketch
(Image credit: OnePlus)

It seems inevitable that any company that makes phones will one day pivot towards smartwatches. Because all the big ones have done it with some sort of hi-tech timepiece, and soon another big name is about to join them.

OnePlus has confirmed that the long-rumoured OnePlus Watch is real, and a launch will be happening soon. Though how soon isn’t very clear.

OnePlus is teasing the prospect of a OnePlus smartwatch over on Twitter, confirming that more is coming to the OnePlus ecosystem with a picture of the company’s previous attempt at designing its own smartwatch.

We don’t know much about OnePlus’ previous attempts at a smartwatch, but we do know that it was actually finished and ready to go. But the company decided it wasn’t going to go ahead with the launch, fearing a weaker product would detract from its phones. Now it seems things have changed.

oneplus watch

(Image credit: OnePlus)

OnePlus is no stranger to adding non-phone products to its lineup, and already sells an affordable smart TV range in India, as well as numerous audio products like the newly-announced OnePlus Buds Z. Rumours have been telling us a watch is coming, and now it seems OnePlus is ready to show us all.

We still don’t know everything, but leaks have already revealed OnePlus is looking to release a round smartwatch, and that the device has received BIS certification in India already. In other words a launch could be imminent, or at least it is in India. 

You’d think OnePlus would go for a global launch, especially if it’s teasing on its main Twitter account. But India has had exclusive OnePlus launches in the past so you never know.

As for everything else, that’s still a bit mysterious for the time being. But now that the launch of the OnePlus 8T is out of the way, we can probably expect to hear more about the OnePlus watch. The OnePlus Nord 10 5G and N100 launch is said to be imminent, after all, and there'd be no better place to launch a smartwatch than there.

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