Nokia 1.4 is a stunningly cheap Android phone — here's what you get

Nokia 1.4
(Image credit: Nokia)

If you're after a cheap Android phone, then the new £89 (roughly $120) Nokia 1.4 could be worth a closer look. 

Building upon the Nokia 1.3, the new budget handset from HMD offers a fresh design, a dual-camera setup and a slightly larger 6.51-inch HD+ display than its predecessor. It also ditches a face unlock security system for a capacitive rear fingerprint scanner, which will surely come in handy in the age of mask-wearing. 

Considering the Nokia 1.4 is designed to be an entry-level phone, its internals are modest at best. The phone features a low-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 chipset, which can be paired with 1GB, 2GB or 3GB of RAM. Internal storage comes in 16 GB, 32GB or 64GB options, and can be expanded up to 128GB with a microSD card. 

Don't expect this to be a phone that'll keep up without picks for the best gaming phones. But it should be acceptable for everyday tasks providing you don't have huge amounts of apps open. 

The Nokia 1.4 features a dual rear camera setup powered by a pre-installed version of Google's Camera Go app. The main sensor is rated at 8MP, while the secondary sensor offers 2MP macro capabilities. 

On the front, the Nokia 1.4 features a 5MP camera for video calls and selfies. Nokia has delivered solid, though far from groundbreaking, smartphone cameras in the past. So the Nokia 1.4 could punch above its meager price in terms of budget smartphone photography.  

Nokia 1.4

(Image credit: HMD)

HMD claims the Nokia 1.4 has a battery life of two days, which is impressive compared to most modern smartphones. Likely the low-end spec will prevent it from sucking up battery life at speed.

The Nokia 1.4 will also follow in the line of sturdy Nokia phones, with HMD highlighting that the phone is designed to "survive falls from household surfaces all day long."

The handset includes a headphone jack and a dedicated Google Assistant button. It currently ships with an Android 10 Go Edition operating system pre-installed, though users will be able to update to Android 11 after purchase. 

The Nokia 1.4 is available for purchase in March in three distinct colors: Fjord (bright blue), Charcoal (black) and Dusk (dark purple). 

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