Nike's Ridiculous New Shoes Have Siri, Apple Watch Support

(Image credit: Nike)

Weaving the neoprene silhouette of 1991's Air Huarache running shoes with Siri-compatible FitAdapt technology, Nike's upcoming Nike Adapt Huarache shoes strike a balance between retro style and modern design.

Nike's Adapt Huarache LEDs light up an otherwise dreary cityscape.

Nike's Adapt Huarache LEDs light up an otherwise dreary cityscape. (Image credit: Nike)

Nike's Siri-integrated Adapt app can tighten or loosen your shoe to a preset fit. Equipped with a self-lacing motor that can be controlled by Siri, wearers simply make a request on their iPhone or Apple Watch which will instantaneously translate into an action. 

For example, "Hey Siri, release my shoes" would loosen the compression of the sneakers, allowing you to remove them without manually untying your laces.

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In addition to the 1991 original's signature exoskeleton and neoprene bootie, Nike has added two LED lights that offer color customization via the app. The app is like RGB keyboard software for your feet, offering a variety of preset color and fit modes depending on your foot type and activity.

The initial models of Nike Adapt Huarache will be released Sept. 13 on Nike's online SNKRS store and at select retailers. You can expect a price of about $350 or more based on previous sneaker releases that featured Nike's Adapt self-lacing technology.

Hunter Fenollol

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