New photo of OnePlus' first-ever keyboard leaked — and in looks retro-chic

The OnePlus keyboard
(Image credit: OnePlus)

OnePlus has already given the world a first look at renders of its brand-new keyboard, but now the first image of the keyboard itself has seemingly leaked and it certainly seems to fit the OnePlus aesthetic. 

This leaked image from 91Mobiles suggests the keyboard will have a decidedly retro feel to it with chunky keys and a color scheme that harks back to the dial-up-internet-era. But it does seem to have some modern visual flair, with a yellow enter key and a giant big red button amid the beige keycaps; that red button/dial may look like a self-destruct but is likely a volume control knob. 

The 91Mobiles leaked imaged of the OnePlus Keyboard

(Image credit: 91Mobiles)

This color differs from the renders and video on OnePlus' own website, which quietly launched in December and had the volume slider as a transparent color; this is likely a concept redner rather than the final product. But equally, it could hint an a range of color options for the keyboard when it launches.

The creators of some of the best android phones are new to the keyboard game, but have teamed up with keyboard specialists Keychron and we won't have to wait long to see what to expect. OnePlus have confirmed it will be unveiled (but not released) on February 7, alongside the OnePlus 11.

In fact, the whole timeline for the keyboard’s development is clear to see on OnePlus' site. Still currently in the “rigorous testing phase” the product concept was developed in November 2022 and co-created with users in December. The official launch is slated for February but mass production won’t begin until March/April. 

The mechanical keyboard has already been backed by over 7,000 investors and with the features that OnePlus has highlighted, it could one day be a contender to be amongst the best keyboards

What to expect from the OnePlus Keyboard

There’s nothing worse in the office than a noisy typist but with a double gasket design OnePlus aims to provide “a satisfying sound,” although fans of the 'clacking' can relax as the company claims it is not “in pursuit of silence.” OnePlus touts the keyboard as suitable for both work and gaming with a “precisely calibrated yet softer actuation” that should remain consistent with repeated use. 

Compatibility with Mac, Windows, and Linux will be a nice addition to the package and useful for those who travel between machines. Meanwhile, several standard keyboard features such as customizable RGB lighting and remappable keys are also on the cards. 

it's the ability to hot-swap switches and Quantum Mechanical Keyboard (QMK) firmware integration that has us excited. QMK means that users will be able to create their own open-source software with unique keyboard functions, meaning keyboard owners will have access to a community of users offering functionality and accessibility tweaks.

Its design may be aesthetically pleasing, with a lightweight aluminum body, but considering how we rely on them every day, functionality must always come first with any keyboard. If it gets it right this could cement the OnePlus keyboard as a computing accessory for any situation.

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