New Elden Ring update improves performance and adds new quest events

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Elden Ring patch 1.04 is rolling out now and it brings with it a host of performance improvements and weapon/ability balance tweaks, and even a smattering of new content. 

You can read the full patch notes here, but players running a mage build will be particularly happy with this latest update — because magic attacks have been significantly buffed. Spells including Crystal Barrage, Grave of Haima, Shatter Earth, Ranni's Dark Moon, and Rennala's Full Moon can now be cast more quickly, and recovery time has been reduced as well. 

Magic was already an extremely powerful tool in Elden Ring, and thanks to this patch, it’ll be even more potent against the game’s most challenging enemies and bosses. Additional buffs and balancing tweaks contained in this update include Colossal Swords now dealing even more damage. 

As with previous Elden Ring patches, update 1.04 also expands one of the game's NPC questlines. In this case, it’s the quest given to you by beloved Souls character Patches, whose story has been further fleshed out with new dialogue phases and events. It does seem a little strange that base game quests are being expanded almost two months after launch, but it’s hard to complain about new content being added for free, even if the addition is a minor one. 

The other big component of this patch is, of course, a wide assortment of performance improvements and bug fixes. Like almost all gigantic open-world games, Elden Ring launched with plenty of glitches, but thankfully developer From Software is continuing to fix them post-launch. While these bug-fixing patches are much appreciated, it should be noted that Elden Ring was released in a perfectly acceptable and very playable state, on console at least. 

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