Netflix reportedly wants to give Harry & Meghan their own reality TV show

(L to R) Prince Harry, Guy the dog and Meghan Markle pose for a photo in Harry & Meghan
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Here in the U.K., it’s pretty much impossible to go out without seeing a headline about Harry and Meghan at the moment. Whether it’s the wayward prince’s memoir, their recent Netflix documentary, or the fact the streaming service apparently wants the duo to launch their own reality TV series.

According to U.K. tabloid The Sun, Harry’s memoir “Spare” has caused Netflix to push for an at-home reality TV series. Evidently this is due to the fact Harry’s book contained a great many personal revelations that made the Harry & Meghan docuseries look pretty tame in comparison. 

The source in question is reportedly an LA-based consultant that works with the streaming service. Reportedly Harry & Meghan generated some great viewing figures for Netflix, breaking viewership records for a Netflix documentary, and executives want to capitalize on Spare’s attention for “a second bite of the pie."

The Sun reports that Netflix is discussing this possibility behind closed doors, but that the show would require Harry and Meghan to allow filming inside their own home. Not a stand in, such as the one used for the documentary series. But it’s hoped that the series will focus on the couple in the aftermath of the book’s release and what happens to them going forward.

Clearly there is a lot of interest in Harry and Meghan, and it makes sense that Netflix would want to maintain its existing relationship to capitalize on that; especially given the troubles the streaming service has faced over the past year. Whether the interest from audiences is genuine or just a thirst for drama is irrelevant, the demand is there and Netflix wants to be the one to offer it.

That’s not to say controversy couldn’t be beneficial. Harry & Meghan generated 241.5 million viewing hours within a month of release, and the drama surrounding his self-imposed exile from the royal family is seemingly never-ending. Especially among the tabloid press, which has been milking the subject for as much as possible.

Needless to say that kind of attention would likely see people flock to Netflix for a Prince Harry reality show. Whether that's out of genuine interest, or because they're looking for any excuse to be outraged. But hey, viewing hours are viewing hours, even if it's only done out of rage and spite.

It just hinges on everyone involved coming to some sort of agreement. Pending that we’ve no idea if and when this show might appear. But if Netflix really does want to capitalize on the attention Spare has been getting, the streaming service is going to need to get a deal signed as soon as possible.

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