Mysterious Stranger Things season 4 countdown clock is almost over — what does this mean? [Updated]

Eleven, Mike, Will and friends stare into the distance in an official image from Stranger Things season 4
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Editor's note: We got the Stranger Things season 4 trailer (as expected) and it revealed a big scary new villain for the kids to take on, and it feels like the beginning of the end.  

We're all counting down the minutes until Stranger Things season 4, and Netflix is counting down the minutes and hours until ... something else. A new live stream you can watch right now — and we've embedded the video below — has popped up on the official Stranger Things YouTube channel. And Netflix just confirmed one of the things we'll get at the end of the countdown (details below).

The live stream — titled "IT'S ALMOST TIME | CREEL CLOCK LIVESTREAM" focuses on a tall grandfather clock wrapped in branches and tattered cloth, with a digital clock at the very top. That clock matches the timer in the bottom right corner.

As you'll see below, it's currently counting down until tomorrow (Tuesday, April 12) at 10 a.m. ET / 7 a.m. PT / 3 p.m. BST.

And, as Stranger Things fans who are eager for the new season will likely know, this clock is likely a part of one of the centerpieces of the new season — as the Creel House is a spooky building that's featured prominently in the marketing of the new season.

Oh, and going off the coordinates in a tweet posted by the official @Stranger_Things Twitter account, we know where this is taking place: 274 Santa Monica Boulevard in Santa Monica, California.

The stream is tinted with a light purple hue, but you can still see smoke billow out of the back of the clock. Every so often, visual effects warp and askew the clock faces on the front of the clock. 

We've also noticed that men in lab suits with a logo we cannot quite see, whose voices cannot be heard, are inspecting the clock.

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Analysis: What is Netflix's Stranger Things livestream about?

Men dressed as scientists examine the Stranger Things creel clock on a live stream

(Image credit: Netflix via YouTube)

Since we're nearly at the Stranger Things season 4 release dates — May 27 for volume 1 and July 1 for volume 2 — it feels like this clock is likely ticking down to the a full trailer for the season. Many fake "Stranger Things 4 final trailers" are on YouTube, so it feels like it's time for Netflix to get with it. The other major possibility at this stage would have been a reveal of the episode titles. But we already know those.

At the very least, it appears that the countdown is for a trailer. The Netflix Twitter account just posted the note "Stranger Things 4 trailer tomorrow!"

Of course, Netflix may be preparing something else entirely. Since the Creel House is still mostly unknown, the countdown could conclude with more footage or teasing of said house.

That said, a final trailer is our best bet for what's at hand.

In good Netflix news? Well, it looks like The Crown prequels on Netflix may be happening, as new reports say a fistful of stories are in the works. Oh, and are you ready to watch Moon Knight episode 3 online? It only looks to get weirder.

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  • Apple Jackson
    Darn I was really hoping they were counting down to a crossover with the Remedy video game universe (Alan Wake, Control, Quantum Break). Seemed like the clock was an Object of Power.

    Kidding, of course, but the more I think about it, they would totally fit together seamlessly. Netflix has been wanting to venture more into games, right? I mean, aside from Stranger Things, they certainly aren't committing to any passive, narrative media. Every new show is canceled before the first season releases. I think they're afraid of another hit show growing in value and, more pertinently and detrimentally, production cost. They'd much rather throw as much s*** against the wall as possible, see what sticks, and then immediately, hurriedly scrape the sticky bits off with a really sharp razor before too many notice . Repeat.

    It's all about Apple TV, people. They are killing it over there. I've been singing their praises to anyone who'll listen, and I don't even own a single Apple product. They make gold in their studios and stick with it too. None of the several shows I've watched there are getting canceled, I haven't disliked a show yet, and it costs 1/4 the price of a Netflix subscription. Netflix has Stranger Things though, as proven with this thing I only found out about afterwards--it's only been like 4 years since the last season, I think, but at least I know I'll be done with the next in a Saturday afternoon, only to be forgotten by Sunday dinner. You can rest easy knowing they're milking every last drop out of that tiger king dumpster fire though. I'm just glad they canceled The OA and Archive 81 so I could get more of the black-widow, crazy-cat-lady and her flamboyant meth-mouth neighbor with all the illegal pets (who is now in prison, giving Netflix zero pause when deciding to continue the very, very complete, finished, over saga).