The $1,500 Motorola Razr is already back-ordered: Here’s when you can get yours

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It turns out Motorola wasn't kidding about there being high demand for its foldable Razr phone.

Pre-orders for the 2020 Motorola Razr started yesterday (Jan. 26). And if you place an order now, some 36 hours after Motorola and its retail partners started taking orders for the $1,500 foldable device, you won't get your hands on a Razr until nearly two weeks after it arrives on retail shelves.

Verizon, the exclusive wireless carrier for the Motorola Razr, lists a ship date of Feb. 18 if you place your order today. The Razr is slated to go on sale on Feb. 6.

The wait isn't as long if you buy through Walmart, which is currently promising a Feb. 10 ship date. Still, that's a few days after the Motorola Razr reaches stores.

Pre-orders for the Motorola Razr were supposed to begin in late December, but Motorola put a hold on that, saying that it needed to figure out how to contend with higher-than-anticipated interest in its flip phone with the foldable screen. The delay in pre-orders was brief — only about a month — but it doesn't seem to have diminished interest in the phone any.

Verizon continues to offer big savings on the Razr's $1,500 price tag if you're switching carriers and have a phone to trade in. Switchers are eligible for a $200 prepaid MasterCard when they bring their phone number over to Verizon. New customers can also get up to $500 in bill credits when they trade in an eligible device. Eligible trade-ins include the iPhone 8 and later, Galaxy S9 or later, Galaxy Note 9 or later, Pixel 3 or later, and either the LG G8 ThinQ or V50 ThinQ. Older phones can net for a $350 trade-in value. 

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