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metal gear solid movie
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The Metal Gear Solid movie has been the stuff of cinematic vaporware, but it just showed signs of life, like Snake emerging from another decade of radio silence. The Sony Pictures film finally has a star, as Oscar Isaac is reportedly signed on to play Solid Snake.

Yes, this gives MGS fans hopes that some day, some actor playing Otacon will yell SNAAAAKE! and we can all chuckle along at the cinematic version of Hideo Kojima's wild espionage series.

Metal Gear Solid movie release date

As for when we get to see Isaac as Solid Snake? That's a big fat question mark. Deadline notes "a production start date is unknown," before going onto say that the star's involvement should make the film a bigger priority for Sony Pictures.

This is the first we've heard of the movie being still-alive since 2012 when former Marvel Entertainment CEO Avi Arad was attached to produce.

Metal Gear Solid movie trailer

Stop opening mysterious cardboard boxes: you're not going to find a MGS trailer no matter where you look. Maybe a fan edit will hit the web in the coming days, but that's not to be trusted. 

Metal Gear Solid movie cast and crew

Oscar Isaac, who will play Solid Snake, is the only cast member signed onto Metal Gear Solid. The film's director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island, The Kings of Summer) tweeted this photo after the announcement was live.

Vogt-Roberts told We Got This Covered that nailing the tone is one of the key obstacles in the film's pre-production state, saying "It is an incredibly tricky thing to adapt because of how specific the tone is. Kojima’s tone is so brilliant in what it does. The tone of this movie at times could take itself very seriously, be very intense, and then next moment, it can be very goofy and very sort of out there. There is no other property on the planet that I would want to protect and shepherd more than the Metal Gear Solid property."

Jay Basu (The Girl in the Spider's Web) is signed on to write.

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