New MacBook Pro 14-inch unboxing shows slimmer bezels — and the notch

MacBook Pro 14 2021 unboxing
(Image credit: Reddit)

The 14-inch MacBook Pro is still a few days away from arriving in early adopters’ hands, and if you haven’t pre-ordered, you’re set for a longish wait

But some people got their hands on the new laptop early, and couldn’t resist documenting the experience on Reddit via a video and a static shot. Both have been deleted now, but not quickly enough for both to be shared far and wide.

Starting with the photo, what’s perhaps surprising is that when viewed side by side, the new 14-inch MacBook Pro and the 13-inch model aren’t dramatically different in terms of size. 

MacBook Pro 14-inch unboxing

(Image credit: Reddit)

Indeed, the thickness is actually the same: 0.61-inches apiece, with the changes in size coming from more depth (8.71-inches, up from 8.36) and width (12.31-inches up from 11.97). 

But the differences are plain to see, especially on the new mini-LED display. While it’s impossible to discern the advantages of the new screen tech and 120Hz refresh rate in a photograph, what is instantly apparent is how much more screen space you get thanks to the massive reduction of the top and side bezels. It may only be slightly bigger on paper, but that extra space is evidently put to good use.

Yes, the notch is a little unsightly on this setup screen, but bear in mind that this is where macOS’ menu bar normally lives, so in regular use it may well be unobtrusive, especially if you’re a fan of dark mode.

You’ll also note that the “MacBook Pro” text has been removed from below the screen — something that was rumored some time ago

The other big change is in the keyboard, which now sports an all-black design, with no metal between the keys. The TouchBar is gone, too, replaced with more useful function keys — a long-standing item on the MacBook Pro community’s wishlist.

MacBook Pro 14 2021 unboxing

(Image credit: Reddit)

The video is less revealing, unless you’re especially interested in how Apple packages its products. But the exchange between the man doing the unboxing and the one behind the camera is revealing. “It feels vastly different,” says the unboxer, which perhaps isn’t surprising given the new 14-inch model is half a pound heavier (3.5lbs, up from three). 

We’ll let you know our thoughts when we’ve run the new MacBook Pro through its paces. Look out for our review very soon, but in the meantime check out our MacBook Pro 2021 page for all the details and specs. 

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