MacBook Air 2022 concept shows the most exciting redesign in years

MacBook Air 2022 render
(Image credit: ZoneOfTech)

Update: MacBook Air 2022 just got tipped for a WWDC reveal.

New renders for the MacBook Air 2022 have given us a fresh at what the rumored laptop could look like with a brand-new design. And they certainly look eye-catching. 

These MacBook Air 2022 renders come via YouTuber ZoneofTech. Based on rumors so far, they paint a picture of an attractive entry-level MacBook with a suite of color options, including the new Alpine Green hue as seen on the iPhone 13

This would be the biggest MacBook redesign in years, although Apple is also reportedly developing a radical new foldable OLED MacBook with help from LG. That system isn't expected until after 2025 though. 

It’s been rumored for a while that the MacBook Air 2022 will move away from the wedge shape of the current Air line up, and will instead have a flat rounded design more inline with the latest MacBook Pro models.

These renders not only show off that design but also envision slimmer screen bezels and a display notch, which was a new addition to the MacBook Pro, although the next Air has also been tipped to have a notch-free display

And ZoneofTech is pretty confident the accuracy of these renders: "I'm almost very certain I have a near 100% accurate picture as to how the new MacBook Air will be like."

It’s also believed that the MacBook Air 2022 will be powered by the Apple M2 chip, which distinguishes itself from the M1 Pro and M1 Max silicon by focusing on efficiency over raw power. This is trade-off makes sense for the MacBook Air. The Air range is not designed for professionals, but rather the focus is on more everyday users who will likely prioritize battery life over pure performance.

MacBook Air 2022 render

(Image credit: ZoneOfTech)

The next-gen MacBook Air has also been tipped to take a page out of the MacBook Pro playbook when it comes to its mix of ports. The reintroduction of MagSafe charging and a HDMI port has been rumored, and would be very welcome given the current MacBook Air M1 only offers a pair of USB-C ports. We’d love to see an SD card reader, but that will likely remain a MacBook Pro-only feature.  

The MacBook Air 2022 has also been tipped to get a serious upgrade in the display department. The current Air models use an LCD panel, but this could be swapped out for a mini-LED display. Again, this would be an upgrade cribbed from the MacBook Pro 2021, but would be welcomed all the same. Although, a mini-LED display would almost certainly raise the MacBook Air’s starting price above $1,000. Having said that, there are claims to the contrary, suggesting that the next MacBook Air will stick with an LCD panel.

We’ll have to wait to see which rumored upgrades and features come to fruition, and just how close these renders are to the real thing. However, if all of the above proves to be even reasonably accurate then we could be looking at the most exciting MacBook Air in years.

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