‘Larger-screened’ iMac Pro with M3 chip reportedly in the works

Apple iMac 24-inch
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Apple is reportedly working on a new iMac Pro with a larger screen, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman (via MacRumors). 

The word is this Mac desktop is aimed at the professional market and will reportedly pack an Apple M3 processor, which is a big deal since Apple just debuted the M2 chip in the MacBook Pro 2022. However, don’t expect to see the reported new iMac anytime soon.

According to Gurman, Apple is working on at least two iMac models packing the rumored M3 chip. This includes an updated 24-inch iMac with a standard M3 processor and a 27-inch iMac Pro model sporting either an M3 Pro or M3 Max chip.

“I also still believe that Apple is working on a larger-screened iMac aimed at the professional market,” says Gurman in his latest Power On newsletter. “I'd imagine this will use a variation of the M3 chip, likely an M3 Pro and M3 Max. That would match the chips inside of the MacBook Pro. I don't think the combination of a Mac Studio or Mac mini plus an Apple Studio Display cuts it for many pro users who want more screen real estate.”

imac pro

The iMac Pro was discontinued in 2021, but reports suggest we may see a revived model sporting an M3 chip sometime in the future. (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

If this sounds familiar, it’s because Gurman made a similar claim back in April 2022. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also tweeted about a possible iMac Pro in March. Both said the new Apple computer (along with the rumored Mac Mini) will not arrive anytime soon. At the earliest, we may see one or more of these desktops drop in 2023 – though that certainly isn’t set in stone.

With regard to timing, Apple is reportedly looking to start trial production for the M3 chips at the end of 2022. Gurman has previously said Apple devices packing the M3 processor will start releasing in 2023. This family of chips is expected to be built on TSMC’s 3nm process, whereas the M1 and M2 chips are built on 5nm technology. A 2023 release for the iMac Pro seems likely, but a 2024 launch isn't out of the question.

iMac Pro 2023 outlook

It’s interesting that Apple will reportedly skip the M2 processor altogether for its next iMacs and instead go with M3 chips. Given how the M3 will reportedly use 3nm technology – which will no doubt offer more power and efficiency than M2, which is built on a 5nm process – it’s possible Apple wants to wait until M3 is ready before releasing its new iMacs.

While we must treat all of the above with a healthy dose of skepticism, it’s not unreasonable to assume Apple will release an updated iMac or iMac Pro in the future. Stay tuned for further updates as we hear them!

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