Konami reportedly bringing back Metal Gear, Castlevania and Silent Hill

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection screenshot
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Konami, the once storied game maker that’s taken a backseat to AAA development, apparently has plans to bring back its biggest franchises, including Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania and Silent Hill. 

This is according to a new report from VGC. During its October 1 episode of VGC Off the Record podcast, Andy Robinson reported that "Konami is set to ramp up its premium game development” and that it will include remakes and brand new installments in series like Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, and Silent Hill. The news comes following a purported restructuring of the company that appears to be aimed at regaining a foothold in the premium gaming world. 

Rumors of a Metal Gear Solid remake have been circulating for quite some time, often under the assumption that it was being developed by Bluepoint Games, the acclaimed team behind the Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls remakes. However, today’s report alleges that it’s actually being handled by the Singapore-based studio Virtuos, previously known for porting major titles such as The Outer Worlds and BioShock: The Collection to new platforms. 

More surprising than the reveal of the team, however, is that it may not be a new version of the original Metal Gear Solid that is actually under development at this time. Sources have stated that it might instead be Metal Gear Solid 3 that is receiving the remake treatment. Other sources claim that the remake’s release will be preceded by remasters of all or some of the original Metal Gear Solid titles, too.

Meanwhile, a new Castlevania game, which is allegedly being developed internally at Konami, will be a full reimagining of the popular gothic series. The long-running franchise was rebooted once before in 2010’s Lords of Shadow and saw two subsequent entries in that canon before fizzling out from tepid fan reaction. It’s unknown if this upcoming revival will share any connection to previous games, but it’s safe to assume that the Lords of Shadow story is unlikely to be revisited.

As for Silent Hill, rumors of its revival have been circulating consistently since the cancellation of Silent Hills in 2012, which was being helmed by Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and would’ve been the ninth game in the series. However, things are looking promising, as sources tell VGC that "multiple Silent Hill games are currently in development at various external development studios”. 

Of course, considering the impact each of these franchises have had on the world of gaming, it comes as no surprise that Konami would want to begin bringing them back to life. Metal Gear Solid revolutionized stealth gameplay, Castlevania played half of the part in defining the entire Metroidvania genre and Silent Hill influenced a generation of psychological horror titles. These aren’t just games – they’re iconic pieces of history that helped shape the industry into what it is today.

Konami is expected to announce all of these upcoming revivals at events next year. Time will tell if it all pans out.

Konami is, indeed, bringing back the Silent Hill series on PS5.

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