iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max just tipped for price hike

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The iPhone 14 range could be set to receive a price hike according to leaker LeaksApplePro, who has claimed that some next-gen iPhones will launch with a price increase over their 2021 counterparts. 

Not every model in the iPhone 14 range will be set to receive a price increase. According to this report, the standard Apple iPhone 14 will retail for $799. That would be the same price that both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 launched at. Keeping this price parity would make sense as Apple will surely want to keep the buy-in cost of the iOS ecosystem as low as possible. 

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It’s the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone Pro Max phones that LeaksApplePro has tipped for a price increase. The leaker claims that the Pro model will launch for $1,099 and the Pro Max will retail for $1,199. That’s a $100 price increase compared to their iPhone 13 counterparts. This relatively significant leap in launch price would certainly sting the wallet of anyone hoping to score the most powerful model of iPhone 14. 

LeaksApplePro claims that increasing production costs are responsible for this bump in price, but does also caveat the information by saying these prices are under consideration at Apple and haven’t been officially decided. We don’t expect to see the iPhone 14 officially unveiled until roughly September this year, so there’s plenty of time for Apple to tweak its pricing strategy yet. 

This leak also claims that Apple will be ditching the mini model for the iPhone 14 in favor of a larger iPhone 14 Max with a launch price of $899. Rumors previously swirled that Apple was considering nixing the iPhone 13 mini after soft iPhone 12 mini sales. So it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the mini model replaced with a potentially more desirable iPhone 14 Max. 

While there's certainly reason to believe this tip-off is legitimate, it should also be taken a healthy dose of skepticism. Pricing information this far out from the release of a product tends to be unreliable at best, and LeaksApplePro doesn’t have the cleanest of records. Nevertheless, the leaker has been correct in the past and production difficulties are impacting almost every sector, so it’s logical that Apple may be forced to increase the price of the iPhone 14 in order to cover rising costs. 

This certainly isn’t the only iPhone 14 leak that is currently doing the rounds. Most recently a design mockup was released which suggests the smartphone will have a pill-shaped camera cutout replacing the infamous notch. There are also reports the device will bring back Touch ID and another has the iPhone 14 Pro shaping up to be in a league of its own with notable design tweaks and upgrades over the standard iPhone 14. For instance, several reports now claim the main camera on the iPhone 14 Pro models will be an upgraded 48MP sensor instead of the 12MP shooter Apple's been using for years.

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