iPhone 13 leak teases massive 1TB storage to battle Samsung Galaxy S21

iPhone 13/iPhone 12S concept
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Apple could equip the iPhone 13 Pro with up to 1TB of storage, giving it the capacity to challenge the mighty Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

On Front Page Tech, leaker Jon Prosser said he'd been tipped off about iPhone 13 Pro prototypes that could see Apple double the maximum internal storage of its next flagship phones.

Prosser had previously tweeted about 1TB iPhones in October 2020, with such claims based on discussions Apple was having at the time. But Prosser said that new information he's received lends further credence that a 1TB iPhone 13 Pro, or what could end up being called the iPhone 12S, is happening. 

However, Prosser added that the basic iPhone models this year will again have less capacity in comparison. It's worth highlighting that Prosser doesn't go into much detail around the source of his information, so do take all this with a healthy dose of skepticism. 

“We’re in early stages of iPhone 13 right now, and we kind of just have prototypes to go off of which means that not much is actually final," Prosser says in the video. "But I will tell you that most of those prototypes… do feature a terabyte of storage.”

Currently, the maximum amount of storage you can get on an iPhone 12 Pro is 512GB, half of the rumored 1TB storage option for the iPhone 13. Outside of top-spec flagship phones, most rival phones max out at 256GB. That's still plenty of room but will fill up fast if you're keen on taking photos and video.

In the past, Android phones have also been able to supplement their basic storage with microSD card slots, but these are increasingly rare. So a 1TB iPhone 13 Pro would not only give iPhone users a handset with a lot of storage, but also give the Apple handset an edge over a lot of Android rivals. 

But the iPhone 13 could have a mere 64GB of storage

Not everyone will be interested in a large capacity iPhone 13 Pro, especially given it would likely cost well over $1,000. 

But Prosser noted that the base storage of the standard iPhone 13 handset will remain relatively low. The logic being that Apple can sell some of its next-gen phones at cheaper prices and encourage users to rely on iCloud cloud storage.

We already see this with the cheapest iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini, both of which come with 64GB storage. That's half of the typical 128GB base capacity you find on modern smartphones.

Prosser also mentioned the iPhone 13 prototype's new notch, which will be shorter, but still the same width as the current notch design. He also repeated the rumor of a 120Hz display coming to the new phone, something we've been expecting since the iPhone 12.

Finally, Prosser talks about the device's name, which will apparently be iPhone 12S instead of iPhone 13. This is a rumor that has been heavily repeated recently and is based on the fact Apple is making only moderate upgrades this year. Apple could also opt for the iPhone 12S nomenclature as it might not name a phone after the supposedly unlucky number 13.

There are some recurring iPhone 13 rumors that Prosser doesn't mention, such as the potential addition of a Touch ID sensor beneath the display and the suggestion that there will be no Lightning port.

The iPhone 13 is likely to launch in September this year. While that's still some time away, it could cause a big upset on our best phones list if these rumored improvements come to fruition. 

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