Halo Infinite update looks set to fix a lot of annoying issues

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Update: A job listing just hinted that Halo Infinite's multiplayer may be getting some extra plot in future seasons

Halo Infinite has been out for a few months now, and the game has had pretty smooth sailing so far. In spite of a few multiplayer hiccups, players loved being able to jump in for free. When the campaign came out, that got quite a bit of praise as well, with our own Tom Pritchard calling it “a heck of a lot of fun to play.” Like any live-service game, though, Halo Infinite can’t rest on its laurels, which is why it just received a substantial update in its February Fix.

Information comes from the Halo Waypoint community page, where a lengthy post entitled “February Fix” breaks down what fans can expect to see in Halo Infinite over the next few months. The post also notes that Halo Infinite has now attracted over 20 million players, which is not bad for a game that’s only been out for about two months.

On February 3, Halo Infinite received a patch that should help the matchmaking process in multiplayer. The Waypoint post explains that the game has “increased the priority of low pings,” which makes it more likely that you’ll join up with other players in the same general geographic area. This should make matches smoother, since the data won’t have to travel very far.

Matchmaking has also improved for Big Team Battle, and there are a few gameplay changes for Oddball and Free-For-All Slayer modes, including rules for tiebreakers. Players will no longer be able to join games that are almost complete, which should mean a fairer experience for everyone involved.

The bigger news, however, is that Season 2 of Halo Infinite will radically change the way players buy cosmetic items. When Season 2 begins (this could be sometime in May), players will now be able to earn in-game credits through gameplay, rather than having to buy them with real money.

“Since launch, the team has been monitoring the discussions on the Shop, bundles and pricing in the game,” the post reads. “Our focus with these changes is on reducing pricing across the board … We are happy to confirm Credits will be earnable in Season 2’s Battle Pass. This means you will be able to earn Credits as part of your Halo Infinite progression.”

This is great news for the many Halo Infinite critics, including our own Jordan Palmer, who felt that having to pay real money to unlock the best cosmetic items felt too restrictive.

While Season 2 of Halo Infinite is probably still a few months out, you can at least enjoy better matchmaking in the meantime. That should help you hone your skills as you prepare to make your character the coolest — or most bizarre — avatar in the galaxy.

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