Google Pixel Tablet could steal these features from Nest Hub Max

Google Pixel Tablet
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The Google Pixel Tablet is already very similar to a Nest Hub Max, albeit one that happens to be a full Android tablet as well. The list of available features isn’t identical, though, and the Pixel Tablet is missing a few things. But things can change, and two key Nest Hub Max features may make the leap to the Pixel Tablet.

A Google app update (via 9to5Google) suggests that “Look and Talk” and Quick Gestures may be coming to the Pixel Tablet in a future update. These would both add some much-needed functionality to the tablet when it’s stowed away in its charging dock — and effectively in “Nest mode”.

Look and Talk gives you the ability to talk to Google Assistant without prompting it with a wake-up command. Provided you’re within 5 feet of the device, all you need to do is look at your tablet and start barking out commands. None of the hassle of saying “Hey Google” to get things done, unless you happen to be across the room. 

Quick Gestures is a little similar, but uses physical movement instead of actual words. So if you need to keep quiet, or don’t feel like talking, you can control certain aspects of your device. Stop timers, snooze alarms, control media playback and more, with the wave of your hand. 

These aren’t exactly what you’d call must-have features, but they are nice to have. Considering Google positioned the Pixel Tablet as a portable kind of Nest hub, and the relative simplicity of both features, it’s rather strange that they weren’t included at launch. 

Considering the charging dock, and the tablet’s ability to function as a Nest-style device, is one of its standout features, any improvement to that function can only boost the Pixel Tablet’s chances of success. Especially since it’s clearly been built as a more casual device, rather than a productivity powerhouse.

It’s better late than never, as they say. Though it’s unclear when these two features may actually arrive on the Pixel Tablet. But if it arrives soon, it may be one more reason to keep an eye out for any Pixel Tablet discounts in the Black Friday sales.

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