Ghost of Tsushima movie — everything we know so far

Ghost of Tsushima review
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Ready your ghost stance — a Ghost of Tsushima movie is happening! And even though it was just announced from Sony Interactive Entertainment subsidiary Sucker Punch Studios, we're already chomping at the bit to see it. 

Nate Fox, Game Director at Sucker Punch, broke the news in a PlayStation Blog post, revealing that Jin Sakai's story of revenge is going to be re-told on the big screen. And expect an emotional ride, as Fox starts with his piece by talking about how "We’ve all been brought to tears in a movie theater surrounded by strangers," crediting E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. 

In the announcement, Fox also explained some of the financial rationale behind the adaptation: Ghost of Tsushima is a hit with more than 6.5 million copies sold.

Of course, the Ghost of Tsushima movie has a high bar to meet in terms of cinematography and beauty. The game itself is as cinematic and as gorgeous as video games get. And just like the black and white Snyder Cut, Ghost of Tsushima offers a way to turn off the colors for a different look in its Kurosawa mode.

Ghost of Tsushima movie release date

Fox didn't explain when the movie is expected, but since big movies typically take a little under 2.5 years to be made, we'd assume we'll see the Ghost of Tsushima movie in fall/winter 2023. 

Ghost of Tsushima movie cast

There is no word yet about who will star in the film, but we expect angry tweets if Daisuke Tsuji — the voice actor for Jin Sakai — is left out. Just look online. The tweets are already demanding it.

Ghost of Tsushima movie: Chad Stahelski is directing

While we're plenty excited to see the island of Tsushima on the big screen, the coolest news of the entire announcement is that Jin Sakai's story is in just the right hands. Chad Stahelski, the maestro of the John Wick franchise, will be directing the Ghost of Tsushima movie.

And while John Wick movies are known for their "gun fu," trust that Stahelski is going to be precise with the sword play. That's because gun fu is more than just bullets, as Stahelski describes the style as a mix of "Japanese jiu-jitsu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, tactical 3-gun, and standing Judo." 

And we expect he'll be seeking input from all the requisite experts, including the team behind the game, for a faithful adaptation. The John Wick movies are nothing if not obsessed with meticulous detail in fight choreography. Just watch Stahelski explain gun fu in this clip about John Wick 2.

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