Forget Zoom: Google Meet just got a huge upgrade

Google Meet
(Image credit: Google)

Google Meet just got one of its best features yet in its battle against Zoom. Meet integration has come to the Gmail mobile app, making it even easier to join a video conferencing call.

The web versions of Google Meet and Gmail started to get more tightly integrated last month. But this move by Google to bring the the video chat platform to Gmail’s mobile app weaves the two services even more tightly together. 

With the new integration now rolling out, Gmail users on Android and iOS should start to see a new Meet tab in the app where they can check Meet meetings that have been scheduled in Google Calendar. In this tab you can quickly start a meeting or join a meeting with a code, allowing you to easily get into a video conference without the need to bounce into a separate Meet app. 

This feature should prove handy if you’re out and about but need to quickly dial into a call. And for smartphone users who like to keep their home screens as clutter-free as possible, the integration means you only really need the Gmail app handy rather than the Meet app as well. 

This update makes life a little easier for Gmail users, and is another feather in Google’s cap when it comes to attracting people away from Zoom. 

The latter video conferencing service has been enjoying a surge of success as more people work from home, though it's also been ridden with security issues. Google looks very keen to steal Zoom’s thunder, making Meet free to use and rolling out some clever noise-cancelling tech to help cut out irritating background noise in video calls. 

As such, Meet is starting to look like a very attractive alternative to Zoom and other video conferencing services, particularly as it keeps getting regular tweaks and improvements. 

Roland Moore-Colyer

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