Forget iPhone 14 — we could be getting an iPhone Ultra

iPhone 14 Pro Max
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We've just been introduced to the iPhone 14, but our hearts now belong to the "iPhone Ultra," as Apple expert Mark Gurman claimed such a phone is on the way “in the next couple of years.”

This was in response to the arrival of the Apple Watch Ultra, a new tougher and more feature-packed version of the Apple Watch 8. The top of the new iPhone 14 family belongs to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, but it seems for future iPhone generations, that may change.

Adding an iPhone Ultra would make the top rung of Apple’s smartphone range more easily identifiable, similar to how it’s clear that the rival Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the pinnacle of the Galaxy S22 series. Also, an iPhone Ultra would fit nicely with the naming scheme for Apple's M-series chipsets, since we have the Apple M1 chip, Apple M1 Pro, Apple M1 Max and Apple M1 Ultra

The big question from here though is what exactly an iPhone Ultra would offer above the Pro iPhones we've grown accustomed to since 2019. There's a chance Apple would just change the name of the Pro or Pro Max model to Ultra and change nothing else. But maybe we'd see an even more fully featured phone, along the lines of the Apple Watch Ultra and S22 Ultra. 

Our dream feature additions for the iPhone, like dual telephoto cameras, a larger display and battery, and perhaps even an under-display camera or stylus support, would definitely justify an Ultra title. However, that would all make for one expensive iPhone, meaning the best available Apple phone could eventually be more out of reach of the average smartphone buyer than the Pro iPhones are. Let's hope Apple introduces that rumored iPhone subscription service sooner rather than later.

While these iPhone Ultra features are just speculation on our part, we already have some rumors for what the iPhone 15, next year's model, could be equipped with. Check out our iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 15 page to see the rundown of those upgrades.

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