Alleged PS5 Slim images show just how much smaller the new console is

ps5 slim digital and disc drive models on gray background
(Image credit: Sony)

We know that the PS5 Slim is coming very soon, and what it will look like, but it isn’t exactly how different it will be to the original PS5 console. Well new pictures posted on Twitter/X appear to show the new console side by side with a launch model.

The pictures themselves came from @phantompainss, though they have since been removed. Fortunately some of the images were saved before they managed for good.

ps5 slim leaked images

(Image credit: phantompaniss/The Verge)

The shots show that the PS5 Slim is a lot smaller and slimmer than its older sibling, but its design is just as strange. Possibly more strange, considering how exaggerated the new curves appear to be. Then again it doesn’t help that the photos feature a PS5 with dBrand's Darkplates, which lack the original’s distinctive fins.

Still you can’t deny that the PS5 Slim lives up to the name the world has bestowed upon it — even if Sony isn’t adopting the “Slim” moniker. It’s smaller, thinner and should take up considerably less space than the current model. Even with the exaggerated fins of the official Sony plates.

The new console appears to have the same ports as before, including HDMI, two USB ports, ethernet and the all-important power socket. According to The Verge the previous images also seem to confirm that the new detachable disc drive will need to be registered during setup — which will require an internet connection.

ps5 slim leaked images

(Image credit: phantompaniss/The Verge)

One of the images we do still have is the new horizontal stand, which consists of two pieces of plastic. Sony has revealed a new vertical stand is coming too, but this will only be available as a standalone purchase — and a $30 price tag.

Sony hasn’t confirmed when the PS5 Slim will be released, beyond confirmation that it’ll be during November. Since the PlayStation Portal arrives on November 15, that would be the most likely candidate, but there’s no guarantee Sony will apply logic to the console’s release.

However we do know that the console with a disc drive will cost $500, while the digital model will be $450. Disc drives will also be available to purchase on their own for $80, in case you start to regret purchasing a digital-only console.

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