8 Tips to Conquer Code Vein

(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

Code Vein can be an absolute pain to get through, especially if you try stubbornly trudging through the game alone. 

To avoid eventual stress and perhaps aggressive hair-tearing, here are eight tips that could help make your life in Code Vein a lot easier.

Hidden Regeneration enhancers

Scattered throughout the world of Code Vein, you can find rare pickups that enhance the player's Regeneration. You'll want to look out for Regen Extension Factor items, which permanently increase how frequently the player can use Regeneration.

(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

Also look for Regen Activation Factor items, which permanently make Regeneration stronger. These items can be easy to miss as the game never informs you of their existence, so keep an eye out.

Converse with NPCs frequently

Throughout the campaign, the player's companions will be willing to hand over their Blood Codes, which provide a handy assortment of passive and active Gifts.

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This process continues all the way to the finale, so be sure to return to home base frequently and talk to every NPC.

Backstab is your best friend

If you're having a lot of trouble with strong enemies, a good way to counter them is to equip a Blood Veil with a high amount of Drain Attack damage, circle around the enemy and backstab them.

This is easily the most powerful move in the game, as most of the Lost are too slow to turn around and deal with you. Not only that, but it's relatively easy to pull off, as the hit-box range is insanely generous.

Obliterate every box

Just as in Dark Souls, you'll want to destroy every box you see.

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I've found a handful of things in nooks and crannies all around the Code Vein world, including chests and shortcuts that lead back to nearby Mistles.

Don't get attached

Don't get attached to any specific Blood Code. Jumping between classes is incredibly important in Code Vein, as boss fights and certain enemies are specifically designed with particular abilities in mind.

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Bosses like Invading Executioner cause an effect called Slow, so it's a good idea to invest in a class with Slow protection and master that Gift. This is the case for nearly every boss, whether you need blood, ice, fire, venom, leak or lightning resistance.

Boost temporary Ichor before bosses

If you're having serious trouble with a boss fight, it's a good idea to boost your temporary Ichor beforehand by utilizing Drain Attacks on regular enemies. 

This will allow you to use more Gifts in battle. To do this, I highly recommend backstabbing once again, as you're guaranteed an extra +2 max temporary Ichor with every hit that you land.

Revive your companion

As you get closer to the finale, Code Vein presents a considerable difficulty spike. If approached incorrectly, this section of the game can be completely hellish. My best piece of advice is to remember that you can revive your teammate.

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From the start of the game, you're given a Gift that allows you to sacrifice your own HP to heal your companion. However, if the NPC dies, there is a very short window of opportunity to use this Gift to bring him or her back to life.

Try blocking

I avoided blocking for most of the game, thanks to my history with Dark Souls, where evasion is usually a better strategy. 

But I eventually learned the beauty of blocking. If dodging isn't working out for you, blocking is a pretty good alternative, especially if you have resistance buffs stacked on top of it.