How to unlock the Far Cry 6 secret ending

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You'll want to know how to unlock the Far Cry 6 secret ending as it's darkly hilarious. The main game is centered around Dani Rojas’ quest to liberate the island of Yara from ruthless dictator Anton Castillo. 

However, the secret ending shows what would have happened if Dani had taken a slightly different path and sacked the whole thing off instead. Plus, you’ll get a PlayStation Trophy or Steam/Xbox Achievement for your efforts, which is a nice extra incentive. 

Unlocking the secret ending is actually a fairly straightforward process, and it only takes a few minutes. However, it’s important to note that you can’t unlock it after completing the game. Make sure you take the time to see this alternative ending before you wrap up the main questline. 

Also, while technically not required, it’s a good idea to wait until completing the mission “Libertad Rises” before attempting to unlock the secret ending. This is because you’ll need access to a boat and after completing that mission you’ll unlock the Libertad HQ, which has a convenient dock where you can spawn a boat from. 

So, if you want to see what hilarious alternative ending the good folks at Ubisoft have cooked up this time, follow our step-by-step guide on how to unlock the secret ending in Far Cry 6.

How to unlock the Far Cry 6 secret ending

1. Fast travel to Libertad HQ and walk over to the docks where there is a Dockside Pickup. From the vehicle spawn station, select a boat and jump in.

Far Cry 6 Libertad HQ map

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2. Sail towards the edge of the map. You can sail in any direction, just plot a course towards the end of the game world. 

Sailing towards the horizon in Far Cry 6

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3. As you get close to the edge of the map a message will pop up telling you that you’re “Leaving Yara. Turn Around!” Ignore this message and keep driving towards the edge of the game world.  

Leaving Yara message in Far Cry 6

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4. Shortly after the warning message appears, the screen will fade to black and the secret ending will begin to play. Enjoy this hilarious cutscene, and maybe feel a little bit bad for abandoning your cause.  

Far Cry 6 secret ending explained (Spoilers!)

As you may recall, Far Cry 6 begins with Dani and her two companions planning their escape to America to start a new life safe from the tyranny of Anton Castillo and his oppressive regime. 

Dani’s plans ultimately change after her two friends are killed in the escape attempt and she instead joins the rebel group Libertad to help liberal Yara. The Far Cry 6 secret ending envisions a world in which Dani decides that liberation is too difficult and sipping cocktails on a sandy beach is much more enjoyable.

After sailing or flying beyond the horizon to escape Yara, we see Dani three months later on a glistening white beach spread out on a sun lounger. Her location isn’t revealed but we can assume it’s somewhere in America. Next to Dani is a radio which announces that the war in Yara is now over as Castillo’s men have killed Clara Garcia, the leader of Libertad.

Dani doesn’t seem especially impacted by the news and continues to enjoy sunbathing as the credits start to roll. It’s a darkly comedic ending that fits well alongside other alternative endings offered in the Far Cry franchise. It should go without saying that this secret ending should be considered non-canon. 

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