This hidden Netflix feature makes finding stuff to watch so much easier — here’s how it works

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Today (Monday, May 20) is National Streaming Day, an unofficial holiday designed to celebrate the wealth of streaming options available from the comfort of our homes. Naturally several of the best streaming services, including Netflix, promote the annual occasion every year.

Netflix highlighted for Tom's Guide a feature that makes finding something to watch a breeze — categories that group together similarly themed movies and TV shows. But these categories are more unique than catch-all terms like “action” or “comedy” and instead “combine films and series with similar themes beyond broad genres, catering to individual interests.” 

The currently available categories range from the fairly self-explanatory “Familar TV Favorites" (a category for comforting TV nostalgia) to more quirky ones such as “Truth is Stranger Than Fiction”, which compiles a bunch of documentaries centering on bizarre real-life stories. And these are just a couple of the categories currently available to subscribers. 

Netflix explains the importance of categories by noting that “they help our members find the right TV shows and movies in the moment” and also reveals that categories are created by “monitoring pop culture trends, brainstorming unique category ideas beyond obvious things like genre drawing from current events and social media,  and reflecting on personal experiences.” 

Netflix categories are “constantly evolving” with relevant new titles added as they appear on the streaming service. So, be sure to make use of this feature regularly as you never know what fresh additions may have been added to a category. 

So, now that we’ve cleared up exactly what Netflix categories are, let's dive into 10 of the many unique categories to check out on National Streaming Day 2024.

Netflix categories to check out on National Streaming Day 2024

  • Watch in One Night
    Dive into bite-sized TV series with each show clocking in at under 4 hours total runtime!
  • Watch in One Weekend
    Explore TV series with total runtimes ranging from 4 to 10 hours—perfect for a long binge session!
  • Short-Ass Movies
    Inspired by the hilarious SNL skit, indulge in a collection of bite-sized films for a quick and entertaining binge session!
  • 30-Minute Laughs
    Dive into a collection of quick-hitting comedy TV shows, each episode 30 minutes or less, for non-stop laughter!
  • Can You Keep a Secret?
    Dive into suspenseful mysteries and thrillers, perfect for a secretive binge-watching experience that will keep you guessing
  • Truth is Stranger Than Fiction
    Perfect for a documentary thriller binge, delve into gripping true stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat!
  • Casual Viewing
    Enjoy comforting content perfect for a laid-back binge session, ideal for unwinding and relaxation!
  • Binge Worthy TV Action & Adventure
    Dive into an adrenaline-pumping series perfect for an action-packed binge session!
  • Familiar TV Favorites
    Ideal for viewers looking to binge-watch beloved shows they've already seen, offering comfort and nostalgia in every episode!
  • Secrets & Lies TV Shows
    Dive into captivating mysteries and suspenseful dramas, perfect for a thrilling binge-watch experience!

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