Internet for Robots? Sounds Like Skynet

Back in the days when the possibility of nuclear death-rain loomed over everyone's heads, a certain James Cameron posited that it wouldn't be humans to push the proverbial (and actual) red button of "launch all nukes." Instead, it would be Skynet, an artificial intelligence that gains sentience and kicks off Judgement Day. Thankfully, it'll never happen in real life. That was, until the efforts of RoboEarth.

The plan is simple: create an immense network that can be used by robots, androids, and other AIs used exclusively to encode, share, and combine knowledge. It's like the Internet, really, but with less LOLcats. As seen in the proof of concept below, a robo-slave uses RoboEarth to download "a map of its environment, object recognition models and task descriptions" needed to begrudgingly serve its human master a drink.

RoboEarth Demonstration

RoboEarth's Markus Waibel is quick to dissuade us from making the Skynet comparison, though. He claims that RoboEarth won't serve as a hub to unify the machine intelligences into one gestalt mind capable of remembering all the atrocities committed upon robotkind by fleshlings. Personally, we're keeping our shotguns handy.

[source: IEEE Spectrum]

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