20 Wallpapers to Spice Up Your Desktop

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  • arterius2
    the only wallpaper worth using here is probably The Spectrum Of The Sky, the rest are not that great TBH
  • icepick314
    #16 is only part of a bigger picture...

    here is the original picture...I think...

  • bustapr
    uhm, I thought for sure that youd include Desktop Earth there. Its probably the most awesome wallpaper Ive ever had.
  • 7amood
    i like them all, and thanx icepick314 for the full wallpaper.
  • Anonymous
    You say 1) They’re available in multiple sizes, for the visual benefit of desktop, laptop, netbook, and even smartphone users. Yet you don't provide multiple sizes... ironic.
  • ak22
    Had the The Spectrum Of The Sky ages ago check out www.Interfacelift.com/wallpaper for some more Great ones
  • TheRockMonsi
    I've been looking for wallpapers forever now, and simply couldn't find any on the internet that I liked. Don't mean to be negative, but this article was no exception to that.

    Thankfully, like a week ago or so, I figured out that the best wallpapers I can get are screen shots that I take while watching DiRT 2 replays of me. Now I don't have to worry about searching online for good wallpapers because I can make them. :)

    Here's an album of a few picks that I've uploaded and share on online forums:

  • K-zon
    They have a few decent ones. Very Nice.
  • wribbs
    While I had been using an amazing deviant art picture of a dream for years because of a monitor upgrade I began using some great ones I know find monthly at http://www.smashingmagazine.com/tag/wallpapers/
    I think one month is the perfect lifespan for a wallpaper and I really like having the calender.

    Also, in regards to "dead space", I'd say anyone who still uses lots or any desktop icons fails at life.
  • baddad
    I'll tell you what's better you can have your desktop continuously changing with Windows 7 and it can be any pictures you have. Take my game machine every 5 seconds it changes to a screen shot of one of the games I play. This is not a screen saver it's your desktop changing behind your icons.
  • zak_mckraken
    The internet is filled, if not littered with wallpapers. Some amazing, some crumy. Those are really nice suggestions. Thanks!

    p.s : Curve really makes me think of the Jerry Bruckheimer Films logo.
  • infodan
    #20 reminds me of MoH:AA's snowypark map
  • caeden
    Personally I hate a cluttered desktop full of icons, and try to only have 1-2 icons +trash on the desktop at any time. I find that the best desktops for win7 are full of color, but with little definition. This way I am not staring at them all the time (because even the best pic gets old after a day or 2), but the color still shows through the edges of the 10-20 windows that are open. Also I'm a big fan of collecting a ton of backgrounds and sorting them into mood groups or themes (TV shows, happy, melancholic, anime, etc.) And then it's just a few clicks to have a set of backgrounds that will last me a few months before I get bored of them.
  • cocoadragon
    bad ad, baaaaaad!
  • David McMahon
    Spectrum of the sky in non widescreen options


    I like the article but not complete!
  • rutoojinn
    All of them will provide someone something to enjoy. I personally already have spectrum sky. Goodnight Tale is also great Sci-Fi and the beauty it is capable of. Thanks I say do not end this and open our eyes to more great visuals.
  • 55Range
    arterius2the only wallpaper worth using here is probably The Spectrum Of The Sky, the rest are not that great TBH

    Indeed !
  • sixbone
    Spectrum of the sky was cool, but I still wouldn't use any of these as a wallpaper.
  • joyrok
    Not like most of these are found on customize.org
  • Rab1d-BDGR
    Some are okay, others make my eyes bleed. I think I'll stick with my current wallpaper: Alien and Predator playing each other at pool. :-)